• Yes, student music should be banned in class.

    The classroom is designed to further learning in a collective environment. Distractions from this objective must be eliminated or at least limited. Students should be restricted from listening to music while in a classroom setting. The one possible exception is when a student is working on a independent project and the use of music does not disturb other individuals in the classroom.

  • Student music should be banned because it is distracting.

    Class is a time for students to learn and listen to the teacher. Students should not be daydreaming or ignoring the teacher by putting on headphones and listening to music. Having students sit in class but not pay attention is meaningless to education. Music should only be allowed outside of the classroom when students have free time.

  • It shouldn't because some kids need it to get work done.

    No,music should be allowed in class. Some people/kids actually need music to concentrate. Sometimes are teacher puts on music and it soothes people so they can get work done faster. Well, some people have disorders and need something to listen to so it helps them concentrate too. I say music should be allowed in class so they get there work done.

  • Music is a source of PURE DISTRACTION

    Music distracts students. They get sidetracked and may cause them to lack on proper education. With music in the classroom, students tend to sing along with the melody. (Soft-Rock//Taylor Swift, Fifth Harmony, Selena Gomez, The Weeknd, Fall Out Boy, etc.) Music defects the learning of comprehension, which is a very important part of life, when speaking in public. If any music should be allowed it should be classical music with no lyrics. Also, music can distract other classrooms during their lessons and tests. Think about it!

  • Not a blanket ban, at least

    Music in classes that are not centered around music is a hit or miss situation. Many students work better with some background noise and letting them listen to music at a low volume through headphones while doing individual work helps them retain the information and focus better. It should be at the discretion of the teacher and a privilege easily taken away if a student abuses it.

  • Music is acceptable during independent study time in class.

    Although playing music during a teacher's lesson is rude and unacceptable, music actually helps some students relax and focus. It also facilitates creativity. For these reasons, it is reasonable to allow students to listen to music during times when they are expected to be working independently as long as they do so using earbuds or earphones so that it does not disrupt those students who do not prefer to listens to music.

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