Should students and workers have more vacations?

Asked by: isarica_2001
  • Rest helps your brain and your life

    Studies demonstrate that people that rest have a possibility to love more. Also the brain has to rest more, because if not, it will be forced only in work or school thinking (for example some people close their brain in studying or working so the only topic of conversation that they have is school or work) I think that this rule of more vacations should not be abused, but it should be used and also for equality, this rule should also include that all schools, universities and works have the same time of vacations. (the same time between every school in each country, the same time between every university and the same time between each work) Even of the calendar, A or B the same time should be applied, for example if calendar A in December have since November until February, then calendar B should have since June until September or since may until august, not since June until august. I also think that mid-year vacations should be extended, because they are very short and people have to rest for the other part of the year, yes, they shall be shorter that the vacations at the end of the year or semester, but in my opinion they should be extended to one month and a half. Having holidays is just one day of rest, so it shall be extended to two or three days more of rest (not all the holidays, some of them. And also I think just one recess week is very short time to really rest the brain, so there should be extended to two weeks. Talking about work, I think the bosses are abusing for the workers, because many works don't give vacations or just one week per year and that is not fair, workers should not only worry about work, yes they have to worry about it but also a work without vacations as I said, can make them and their brain to close a lot in work. Also I think homeworks should be prohibited in vacations because vacations is time to rest, not to work

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