Should students at Bradwell Institute be required to stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance?

Asked by: charrison
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  • If they are made to, what are we fighting for?

    What is freedom with that kind of limitation? Why would you limit people in this way, force them through an observance they do not want to do, regardless of how much we disagree with them. I could list off any number of things that I think are awesome, that would make people better if they did them, but would never in my life try to force them to do it.

    I could advocate for eating better. Make people eat more celery. It would be more healthy, wouldn't it? But what if that isn't their chosen food, and they eat other healthy things? Appreciate things in a different way, or even choose to eat nothing but junk?

    May seem overly simplistic, but what does forced patriotism show? That freedom isn't real. If I force you to do the good things, and you do them only because you are forced, where is the value? Are you still not the same person? Does forcing patriotism on them solve the problem you see?

    I think not. Find another path.

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