Should students be able refuse to be searched by the school if the school doesn't have a warrant to search them ?

Asked by: kokmagik
  • Unless they're suspected of having a weapon yes.

    Every time somebody claims to have something stolen from them, students are searched by a school officer (who from my experience in school never finds the stolen item). It was very time-consuming and frustrating to myself and friends. Usually it's money that's been stolen, why do people bring more than $5 to school? There's no need for more than a few dollars at school and it's common sense to keep money at home in a secure place where it can't be stolen. Keep your phone in a pocket at all times to avoid having it stolen, or just don't bring it to school. Unless they're suspected of having a weapon, which is a security risk, students should have the right to refuse searches of their things. It's ridiculous to have everyone in a classroom rigorously searched to try to find a "stolen" pair of earbuds or a "stolen" $10 bill, how can one even prove the money is the money that was stolen from then and not the person's own money? Glad to see our tax money is going to good use 😒.

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