Should students be able to bring their technology to school?

  • Yes they should

    Students need technology devices so they can communicate with their parents and/or caretakers. If they’re getting picked up and their parents are running late, then they will need to know. Also they will need reminders to do homework or use a timetable. At some schools the students have to share devices and sometimes there’s not enough. Students can research things easier. They also need to be organised, and if they don’t get a question for homework, they can email the teacher (if they need to)

  • Its useful in case of an emergency.

    In an earth cuak you need communication. Every one deserves a little fun so in emergency thers alwesse something rong so i think we need technology or else there will be problems in very situation.So with this new advance could help us in every situation and children who know how to use this technology would help everyone.

  • Yeah, they should.

    Students should be able to bring their technology to school because some classes require it, ie: my Sophomore English class required us to pull out our phones daily and create a reminder to do the homework that was assigned that day. Other classes such as a Graphic Design class, or a Computer Instructional Course, would be required as well. Not to mention the ability of the students' being able to contact a parent if needed, or if they don't have a parent's phone number memorized.

  • Yes within reason

    We are moving into and certain parts of society already are, a technologically based society were using these items as an aid for learning are or seem an essential rather than a want, and parents and other people are forced to come up with the money just so they can learn. I think the items like tablets and laptops are now essential for learning, but we could easily do without them.

  • They should be able to bring their technology to school.

    Students should be able to bring their technology to school for education purposes. Students have the phones, and computers, and iPads but they are never used expect for at home. The iPads could be used for many things such as tracking down your homework, logging your test grades, and sending emails to your teachers. Teachers could use the iPads for showing off a experiment, someone's writing, or what is going on in the world today. Phones could be used for an emergency or to call a friend or parents/guardian to drop off the usual missing homework or lunch. Computers could be used for writing an essay rather than putting the teacher through the extra work of scheduling a time for the computer lab. So as you can see letting kids bring technology into the school not only helps the students but the teachers as well.

  • No, they shouln't

    Well in todays generation i do agree that technology can help a great deal but it has a greater chance of being misused. Though it cleraly depends on the mentality of the child but bringing technology to school is surely going to divert the mind of the student. I agree that computers, tablets help us to get our work done but there lies a greater chance of misusing it. My learned friend mentioned that phones could be used in emergencies. Well i agree with him but prior to that want to ask a simple question is there any necessity to let such emergencies arise. No if we do our work systematically there arise no need for us to depend on the technology. Remember that man has created various technological equipments so what a man can do, if he is determined to do it, even technology can't do it.

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