Should students be able to choose what subjects they study at school?

  • Yes, We should.

    Think about this, As it is obvious, Most students are getting bored or unmotivated by the subjects they're studying. But, What if we let them choose their subjects, Would that be great? Hell yeah. It will make the curriculum flexible, Creative, And fun.

    The thing is, For this to happen, Constant guidance of the school and the parents are needed for they're still youth and they might not learn at all without supervision and discipline.

    Now, If you disagree, Reply.

  • We shouldn't be limited in our career paths.

    100% of the classes i'm taking right now have nothing to do with my dream career. If i could choose a class that I'm interested in and can learn something about my dream, Then I'm making progress to what I want to do. The government shouldn't control where I spend most of the day and what I learn about. I'm wasting my life doing things I don't enjoy and it feels like I'm the only one who understands that concept. Most of the famous and successful people didn't get to where they were by doing school work.

  • We should not

    IF we let them do that they would not have any ideas and how to do stuff in the real world. If they didn't do math they would know how to do basic math. Same with any other classes in school. This is why I think we shouldn't be able to choose what classes we take.

  • They should not

    As we can see, Most students at school are bored with studying the subjects that they do not enjoy studying with. If we let students choose the subject that they wanted to study, Then they will just be choosing the subject every time and every day. And have no knowledge of other subjects.

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