Should students be able to create their own schedules?

  • Yes we should

    Okay, I know your thinking: oh, A student writing about this, They just want to be lazy all day. But no, I care about my education and I know that when a student starts the day with a task they enjoy, It increases their dopamine intake, Helping us function throughout the day.

  • Yes Students Should

    If students take harder classes at the end of the day they may rush and get failing grades. Students may also become tired at the end of the day and not do their best. Students may also not think as hard as they should and think about home rather than school work.

  • Yes students should be able to create their own schedules.

    Students should be allowed to create their own schedules because not every single person is the same. Some people can wake up early in the morning, some people can stay up super later at night. By giving them the right to make their own schedules they are more likely to succeed as they will be able to work when they are most capable to do so.

  • Yes, they should

    Students should be able to create their own schedule. This will help them learn time management and better prepare for college where a lot of it is done on their own. When a student decides when to take what class it gives them a sense of responsibility that should be able to have and learn from.

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onlinestathamlee says2013-09-27T13:45:24.897
Yes they should be allowed!! I guess that the purpose of education is not only to teach a student courses but also help them stand on their own feet and customize their courses, but also teach him or her manners, to eradicate injustice, poverty and illiteracy rate within the society, also creates a social bonding which to some extent I pretty much miss while taking online education courses,
Ashley Lee