Should students be able to drop out when they reach their sophomore year or not?

Asked by: vellevelle
  • Yes they should

    I believe a student should be able to drop out because sophomore year is the hardest year. Sophomore year is when is gets tiring for students. Students also become really stressed and have no way to cope with their stress. They also have problems with social activities more than any other grades because they are kind of loners. Juniors have seniors and freshmen have themselves. Its always more freshmen than any other class.

  • If a kid really doesn't want to be in school they won't do well anyways

    If a kid really hates school then they're not going to do well. Perhaps at an older age they will come to appreciate education more and then go back for their GED and obtain it with higher marks than they otherwise would've gotten and so be better poised to go to college whereas otherwise their GPA would've been so poor they wouldn't have stood a chance.

  • Yes, as long as

    They don't expect their family or society to support them. If they want to go start making a living on their own with less than a sophomore education, that is their choice. But they have to live with the consequences. (For example, their parents may expect them to pay rent.)

  • I'm a Sophomore

    I don't think so. If that was so, parents who wanted their 15- or 16-year-olds earning money would be able to pull them out of school and send them off to McDonalds. Just allowing something can have the impact of causing it, in many cases. Besides, plenty of kids would drop out. If it were legal, peer pressure could then be a heavy incentive for sophomores to drop out.

    I'm a sophomore, and though I wouldn't drop out if I had the chance, for some reason the choice would make me feel a little bit insecure.

  • Think about it

    If kids were allowed to quit school once they reached sophomore year, think about how many kids would quit which would have otherwise graduated. I find it a real waste of the govt's money to support a child through elementary, middle, and their first year of high school just to have them quit.

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