Should students be able to eat lunch in space?

Asked by: marmot211
  • Students will gain greater tolerance for extraterrestrial life

    Of course. Give students an opportunity for cultural diversity. They will be more ready to deal with aliens when earth is invaded February 2nd 2222. Students will learn alien languages and about their technology. The only reason humans are so opposed to being abducted and probed is because we were not given these opportunities in our formative years.


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  • Of course we should

    Of course we should be aloud to eat lunch in space, seeing as how we would be able to see the stars clearly and that we would take first hand experience that few others in the world are able to. So by doing this at an age where learning is most important you should not deny us this.

  • It is completely necessary for kids to have diversity in the places they eat.

    Nowadays, kids are forced to sit in a literal box all day, listening to boring lectures. There is obviously a reason the younger generation of today is clinically "depressed' and lazy. Parents should not worry about the cost of things in order to fully satisfy their children' needs. It might be the correct thing to do, but we will never know if this is true because people aren't willing to experience new things in order to have a better comprehension of the universe, and possibly other things that the human brain is not capable of understanding. Lunch is completely necessary to a person's daily diet and is critical to determine the dynamic of their day, and it would immensely benefit the kids in school today and in the future.

  • I Say No

    I say "No" because it can be very expensive, and it also could be very dangerous to just go into the depths of space, and eat lunch. I believe that students should learn about space; however, I don't believe they shouldn't do any eating in the depths of space. Good question, though.

  • It's too expensive

    How are we going to pay for a spaceship for every school to take students who want to eat lunch in space into space?

    At some point we'll have a bigger space station, work out the health issues, and a school program where students live and receive their education in space might be viable. But even then just those students will be having their lunch in space. It still won't be economically feasible to send whoever wants lunch in space to space.

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