• Heck yaaaaaaa !

    Idc i just wanna use my phoneeeeeeee in school
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  • If the teacher allows them to have them.

    If the teacher of the course wants to allow cell phones in class I believe students should be able to have cell phones. If I were teaching a class I would place strict guidelines on the use of cell phones, however I would be weary of completely banning them unless they became a very large problem.

  • It's their right

    At this point in time, everyone has access to a cell phone. Students especially have the right to carry their phones with them at all times, as they are probably provided and paid for by their parents and should be used in emergency situations. These can happen at school, so as long as they do not disrupt class time, they can carry them and use them at their leisure.

  • Yes, students be able to have cell phones

    Yes, students be able to have cell phones in case of emergencies when they need to contact their parents. They are great for younger students who walk home alone and may run into danger. Cell phones can also be used for educational use, students can use cell phones to browse the web for information.

  • Yes, but hidden away in school.

    Cell phones belong in back packs and in pockets. They need to be available for emergency calls to parents and after school calls to friends. While in class, no cell phone should be observable by a teacher or else the teacher should be able to take it for the day. It is too much of a temptation to distraction.

  • For emergencies, yes.

    Depending on the age, naturally, I don't have an issue with students being able to carry around their cell phones. As long as they do not abuse this right and allow them to be distracted. This way, their parents will have direct access to them in case of an emergency.

  • They are replacing computers

    It is getting to the point where bringing a high-tech smartphone to school is nearly the same as bringing a laptop. Students are increasingly using Wi-Fi to get internet rather than their data plans. Cell phones are a part of a changing market, and a changing world. I see students all of the time using smart-phones to take pictures of their assignment to use at home. Of course, they shouldn't be allowed to play with them, but that's the teachers responsibility. Lastly, cell phones are a method to communicate with others. It is absurd to say that turning the age of 18 suddenly qualifies a person to be able to handle the privilege of communicating.

  • What about emergencies?

    Students, if outside of the school building, should have access to a personal cellular phone, so if they get hurt, kidnapped, or need something urgently, they can use the device to immediately get what they need to be able to survive, or to have the help that the adolescents need. I do believe, though, that students shouldn't be carrying around the big time cellphones, with the 8 kajillion awesome things about them. I believe those lovely devices belong to the parents, and that kids should get permission to use their phones, unless they have the money to buy their own fancy phone (though since they are bigger, they have a greater chance of falling out of your pocket, or getting stolen).

  • Get An "Emergencies Only" Phone For Those Under 18

    Cell phones cause a great deal of problems in the hands of children and teenagers, who have VERY FEW legitimate reasons to even possess a cell phone in the first place. All they need is an "emergencies only" phone, which can call the police and fire department and has a few programmable numbers so they can contact their parents/guardians or other adults in the event of an emergency. If it's not an emergency situation, they don't need a cell phone.

  • Students should not be able to have cell phones.

    Students should not be able to have cell phones. Cell phones in school would just add more disruption and more chaos for the teachers to have to control. Children would lose them making the parents upset at the school. They would be constantly taken away because of them interrupting class.

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