Should students be able to have their phones in school?

  • Needed for emergencies

    I think that students should be able to use their phones in school because if there was an emergency they would need to reach out to someone. Also, if the teachers are allowed to use their phones then why cant the students it will all be fair in the outcome.

  • Yes I think so

    Kids should have their phone out at recess or class in case something big happens at home. Like if a family member dies, or a pet dies, or their parents decide to move, or if someone broke in the house. But I think they should be able to have ear phones out

  • We should get our phone during school.

    They should be able to have they're phones cause what if they're parents needed to talk to them when they was at school about something. What if a family member died and they're parents needed to tell their kid but their kid didn't have they're phone. That's why I think we should be able to have our phones out.

  • Why not ☎️

    Well I think phones are okay in school. I am not saying they should be aloud in class the teacher could hold on to them until the end of class. Parents like to check on their kids to make sure they are okay. Phones should be aloud during recess passing periods lunch and so forth as long as they don't use the phone to cheat or look up inappropriate stuff they should be okay. Good bye

  • Why should cell phones be used in school.

    Their are apps for education on the app store. The teachers could have their class download these apps. So I think that the phones win. M MM M M M M M M MM M M M M M MM M M M M M m M MM M M .

  • I think that kids should have cell phones in school.

    The reason that people should have cell phones in school is that if something happens like a heart attack at a school , then multiple children near the happening would be able to contact the police, and hospital, which would really help with school(even though a heart attack might not happen at a school, but you never know).

  • Great For Emergencies

    I believe that cell phones are great for emergencies and students should be able to have their phones, on their person, at all times. I believe if a student proves they can not be responsible with their cell phone, like playing on it during class time, then they shouldn't be allowed to have it.

  • At all times

    Students should be allowed to have their phones with them at all times. it is their property and it is not the right of the schools to confiscate them. The only issues are during the class period, where having the phone on might cause a disruption during class, but between classes they should be free to carry.

  • Yes, in school but not in use.

    Every parent wants his or her young person to be able to reach them in case of need or emergency. But today's phones are just small computes on which a student can text or look up info that has no relation to learning. So these phones should be confiscated for the day if not in backpack or pocket.

  • Students should be able to have their phones in school.

    Students should be able to have their phones in school. Cell phones allow students to quickly and easily communicate information to their teachers and fellow students, making the learning process streamlined and easier for every one. In case of a crisis, students can relay information to the outside world easily.

  • Phones can cause cheating!

    Phones can cause cheating, and having phones will just lower your grade point average, and there are some students who would use them to cheat on test during class. So having phones is not good for students, and if you want your grades to be in the A's, then don't buy a phone! (I recommend you not to.)

  • Students should not be able to have their phones in school.

    Phones are a distraction for students. There is not reason why students would need to have a phone in class. If there is an emergency and they need to contact their parents, an adminstrator can assist them. Students would only use their phones for things that have nothing to do with their studies.

  • Have yes use no

    Students should be allowed to carry phones in school. This way if there is an emergency they can be reached. However in normal circumstances the student should not be allowed to use their phones in school. If there is a need they should get permission from someone in charge first.

  • phones can be disturbing students

    i don't think that students should be able to have their phones in school simple because it causes many distractions to themselves and to other students as well. I don't think students who are focused on the lecture of a subject would want to hear something ringing or vibrating next to them. It can also used as cheating device for exam or thing at that nature

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