Should students be able to interact with their teachers via social networking sites?

  • I support this

    There are so many great things which can come out of online communication and social networking. While there are also negatives and potential issues, These are outweighed by the pros. With online communication students and ask questions at any time. Social media allows for teachers and students to get to know one another. Although, I do believe this should be done through professional accounts and should include the entire class and even parents if they choose. It should always remain appropriate.

  • Only for educational purposes

    I believe that students and teachers should only interact on social media for educational purposes. Social media can be used to engage and remind students of important activities or assignments that are happening at school. Students are much more likely to check their social media than they are to check their email. Teachers and students should not interact personally on social media though. I think interaction should be done outside of personal pages and should be monitored by the school and administrators to avoid conflict.

  • A teacher and student can follow each other on a social media platform; the larger problem occurs when there is private communication.

    Social media platforms are another way to build student-teacher relationships. Social media really allows for teachers to understand who their students are and what difficulties they are facing in their own lives. The same goes for the student’s perception of the teacher. It is good for students to recognize that the teacher faces hardship/has their own lives, And social media gives enormous insight into that. The issue, However, Is the private messaging functions with social media apps and through texting. These are inappropriate forms of communication that teachers and students should not engage. There is no real accountability with these. If communication between a teacher and student needs to occur, It can happen via email. Email is the most professional form of communication, And helps teach students that there are boundaries in relationships and online.

  • Helpful for government classes discussing political debates

    I believe that if teachers create a professional social media platform specifically for the use of communication social issues with their students is ok. In my own personal experience, I took an American Government class which required us to be able to discuss political news found on Twitter. My teacher openly invited us if we chose to, To follow him on Twitter( his professional one) and see which posts he would retweet or quote on his timeline, For us to then write a prompt response on the topic. “ Social media is also great for research, Offering useful audience and subject monitoring tools. Students can use polls, Surveys, Or even just post a simple question to gauge how people feel about a particular topic” per SI News, They created an article discussing how multiple different platforms of education can be used through social media. Students can also create blog posts about certain topics they are covering in class. This can encourage student discussion between each other, Comparing and contrasting their views through their responses to the blog posts.

  • Only if it is for educational purposes

    If teachers are able to communicate via social media this will allow them to meet the students where they are at. Students are more likely to open social media apps than their email. A blog from Concordia University-Portland explains that it will also allow teachers to enhance classroom activities and make the students feel more comfortable with projects.

  • Use a different account as a teacher

    I believe students can interact with their teachers via social media if the teachers do not use their own personal accounts but have a separate account just for their students to interact with and stay focused on school / classroom / student information. Students shouldn’t have access to their teachers personal posts or information.

  • It’s our current life

    When it comes to social media both teachers and students shouldn’t feel pressured to follow people on social media accounts. In a way an age limit should be set (for example a teacher shouldn’t be following a younger child on Twitter, But it should be considered okay to follow a high school or maturer student). There are many benefits such as easier communication and gaining more knowledge about the class. It’s sad to say but it’s the day and age we live in and it’s the most effective method so why would we use it?

  • In my opinion it is proper

    One of the important thing is relationship between school children and teacher. So, First of all, This is opportunity their simple connection. If the students has any questions with the teacher, The answer will be simple answered. Also if the teacher should inform any pupils, It will be easier.

  • Ye yeyeyeyeyye ye

    1. Enhance student-teacher relationship
    2. Help to monitor learning progress and help students in developing their academic goals
    3. Enhance teaching method by updating teacher's knowledge
    4. Guide students' behavior
    5. Convenient to contact with teacher and also student
    6. Enable students to enjoy learning and learn faster
    7. Lesser stress when facing teacher

  • Because it is important

    Student need to be able to interact with their teachers via social networking sites. It is very essential for teachers and students to understand each other. Also, teachers can help students to finish homework, the hard questions that they can not find the correct answers. Students could ask their teachers for help and advice, too. That's why it is yes

  • Teachers should not be allowed to communicate with their students through online communication

    Teachers can unfairly provide information about tests and/or homework assignments. In addition to this being wrong, students who are unable to access the internet or who don't have a phone can't receive any potentially helpful information supplied by a teacher online. Also, there is always the potential for inappropriate relationships to develop between a student and their teacher.

  • It doesn't lead to good things.

    No, students should not be able to interact with their teachers via social networking sites, because it leads to bad things. Students should send formal emails. They have a business relationship with their teachers. Social networking with teachers is too likely to lead to inappropriate relationships with students and teachers.

  • No, students shouldn't be able to interact with their teachers via social networking sites.

    No, students shouldn't be able to interact with their teachers via social networking sites, that should be against school policy. My opinion the only site that students and teacher should interact on is the school work site. There are too many conflicts between teachers and student that causes problems and things get out of hands. Enough is enough it need stop between teachers and students.

  • It is unprofessional to interact with your students through social media.

    But the guidelines do reflect growing concerns nationwide about the instantaneous ease with which teachers can interact electronically with students, And the potential for misuse or abuse. Https://blogs. Mprnews. Org/todays-question/2012/05/should-teachers-be-allowed-to-communicate-with-students-through-personal-social-media-accounts/.
    Teachers should create two accounts- one for school use and one personal use. Again, On the school teachers may post extra credit opportunities, Homework, And schedules for extra help. A teacher’s personal account should be just that, Personal. It should not be used to interact with students until the time comes. Https://lindynews. Org/3008/opinion/should-teachers-interact-with-students-over-social-media/

  • I do not believe that students should interact with teachers through social media.

    I feel as if it would be very unprofessional for a teacher to communicate with a student through social media. I believe that it is unprofessional, Because if a student or teacher need to communicate, Then it needs to be done either at school or in a professional way. A professional way that a teacher and student could interact outside of school could be through an email or a group messaging app, Such as Remind or Group me, Where the student and teacher can interact, But there is documentation.

  • Teachers and students shouldn’t interact with each other on social media.

    Since I am a student, Many of my teachers have talked about how they don’t want to follow their students because it’s very unprofessional. Which I do agree with. When I was in high school, I didn’t want any of my teachers really knowing what was going on in my life besides what I told them in person. Now that I am graduated, I think it is completely fine for me to interact with my old teachers on social media. I’m friends with a few of them on Facebook. While a student is in a teachers class or in the same school, I believe they shouldn’t interact on social media, But I believe it is completely fine when the student is graduated and not in that school any longer.

  • Teachers communicating via social media

    https://education. Cu-portland. Edu/blog/leaders-link/educational-social-media-use/ I think teachers and students should not communicate via social media because there more negative things than positive things that can come from doing so! Anything that can be done through social media for educational purposes can also be done through another more secure and safer means than social media

  • No just no

    I feel that when teachers are interactive with their students on social media, It can be looked at as over the line. Getting on a personal stand point with your students like that is a little weird and can start a lot of drama. Emailing is fine and whatever the teacher and student decides to do after graduation etc is their choice, But while in school, No.

  • For the most part I do not believe students and teachers should not interact on social media

    Teachers and students should not interact personally on social media. However, I believe an exception can be made when it is done from a strict school page. Teachers could create a class page that only posts information about class activities and assignments. Teachers and students personal accounts should be kept separate and should not have any interaction.

  • It is not right

    Teachers teach at school. They use facebook to reach kids and give information that should be given at school. The use of facebook should be illegal it has been proven very easy to get people's information. School is were kids are taught not social media. Schools should have their own website and each kid has their own password to get into it. Social media sites are constantly being invaded by who knows who. Our school is using it and we are getting ready to confront our school district about it. My child should not have to be on social media network to be a part of sports band or any other activities they wish to

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