Should students be able to listen to mp3 players during study hall?

  • Music stimulates the brain

    Science experiments have shown and proven that working while listening to music can improve concentration and focus. Doctors themselves listen to music while performing surgery to calm their nerves during important things such as that so why not use it while doing something simple like homework or just everyday activities.

  • Yes they should

    They should because kids can get annoying at certain times some times you don't want to here it so you can just pop in your headphones and drown out the sound also it has been proved that kids can get better in school when listening to music. So I think they should be allowed ro let students listen to music during study hall.

  • It helps me focus

    Some kids in my classes can and always are distracting. It helps me focus when these kids are talking about very odd subjects. That are never relevant to the class. My music helps me focus on my art work, speech, math work, and even geography. So I vote Yes to music in study hall.

  • Definitely kids should be allowed to listen to music

    I think this because when ever i'm working i have always started humming random songs or sometimes even sang them in my head. Music is important to kids, teens, and adults all over the world, so why should the schools be allowed to take that away from them. This is my reason.

  • Great idea for helping focus!

    It would help kids to focus and block out other noises, like other groups talking and it would maybe help them study and listen carefully. The kids could replace the lyrics in the song with something they needed toe rudy for a test. It could help kids very much, but I could also see very few arguments how this could be bad or good.

  • Students should be aloud to listen to music

    Students should be aloud to listen to music because it boosts their work satisfaction in every thing they do . But scientists have found out that when listening to music people do better at the things they do . And the way it acts is like a white noise wall blocking out little noises that some people can't handle every day .

  • It helps kids study

    It helps kids study and or do their work better it also helps if kids brains are not all their the can still concentrate way better than if the did not have music. It is a proven fact the kids that listen to music while studying get better test score and then can pass school because of it.

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  • Kids love music

    I think students should be able to listen to music because don't you ever find yourself bobbing your head to music when you are studying for doing homework. Does it help you ? Well it helps me . It might not help every student in the class because every student learns differently . SO this is why I think students should be allowed to listen to music during class.

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  • No, students should concentrate on homework, not music.

    While how a student studies at home is up to him or her, during school hours, technology like MP3 players shouldn't be allowed. The music may cause distraction and make it difficult to study. Additionally, earphones typically do not contain all sounds, so that even if the student listening to music isn't distracted by it, his or her classmates, who really are attempting to study, may be distracted by the sounds emitting from the earphones.

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