Should students be able to listen to music during class???

  • Yes i do

    You took our clothes away,
    and stripped us of our colours.
    Then you take our music,
    and say to do without.
    And the once fast harmony and writing in our minds,
    turned into slow typing.

    It is scientifically proven to help people concentrate more then if they didn't have music.

    As long as the teachers not talking

  • Yes. Just yes.

    Listening to music in class can remove all outside distractions. Any student can hear sounds other than their music, so don't say that its a distraction. Why is this a good idea? I'm listening to music right now. So, yeah. I think there are no distractions here. ( ) (

  • Music kills two birds with one stone

    There are two thing that afect class work are lak of attention and or focus and kids who feel there freedom is being taken away acts defiantly. Uplifting music make your mind aware to new information. Kids like there music and would feel more privileged and more positive feeling towards class.

  • YES say YES

    Schools do not teach students how to survive in the real world. Teachers, most of the time, are teaching students 'things' they will not remember, nor need after graduating. Students need music to bypass the uselessness of modern day education systems. Just because the education system has failed STUDENTS! RAWR

  • Students above a certain age should be allowed to listen to music in class EXCEPT for exams.

    Multiple reports have shown music to help some students concentrate and study. According to a study done a few years ago, music has been shown to connect thoughts with emotions. (https://www.Nature.Com/articles/srep06130#affil-auth) This means that if you are studying or listening to a lecture, music could perhaps help you remember certain things. Next time that specific topic or idea comes up, the music you hear will associate your brain with that topic.

  • Yes, omg yes!

    It allows students to block out talking students and lets them focus on their own thoughts instead of hearing people bring up entirely irrelevant topics during class. They should be allowed to listen to music during independent work as they wouldn't be missing instruction and would be content to listen quietly and work. Also my teacher that let's us do this is so awesome. It's great. No one talks unless they have to because they don't want to interrupt their own music!

  • Yes they should

    It helps them think for one and they can listen to their feelings plus a blank background can be stressful i think they should cause im in 5th grade and blank back grounds are stressful the end my side of the storie is yes they should be able to listen to music

  • It would be a major distraction, along with being unfair, assuming OP is referring to things like headphones.

    Having music on during class would allow students to cheat (case in point: the elements song) they could also say their notes and have that on repeat to cheat. One of my teachers does put on music while we are working sometimes, but that would be the only possible way of doing this. The teacher would need to play the music, or students could cheat, and some students couldn't bring music, I'm sure, thus it would be unfair.

  • Listen to music in class is not recommended

    In my opinion students should not be allowed to listen to music during class.That´s inaccurate because they would be listening to the music and would not understand the class.

    In reality, listening to music in class is a lack of respect towards the teacher. When the students will have exams they will not respond correctly because they did not pay attention to the class.

    That doesn´t make sense listen to music while studying does not help to relax or concentrate. In fact, it increases our stress and decreases our attention.

    In conclusion, the students should pay to attention in the class and participate a lot.

  • Aren't teachers supposed to be teaching in class???

    So, how would this work? If it's study hall, that's completely fine. But the average class is supposed to have a teacher *teaching.* That is what school is about--the teacher teaches, and the student learns. You need to be listening to the teacher, not music--unless the music actually has something to do with the lesson.

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