• Yes they should

    As students have their right to decide the field in which they want to go for example if someone wants to go in engineering but his parents want him to go in medicine and they choose biology and not physics for their child. But the if the student is aware of what is required in university and jobs so then students should choose their own subjects.

  • Choosing topics that relate to the job or path that a student is working towards.

    Is really good because it gets the student straight into preparing for the future . Don't you want to be ready for the outside world? Don't you want to be independant confidently? We must know what we are doing to and with our future. If we students learn things that relate to our paths in life we will be ready for what the world has to throw at us.

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  • Yes students should pick thier teachers😉

    Because student will learn to choose their teachers carefuly. That way when they grow up they will think which teacher is best for them. They wiil also learn about responsibleity.Giving students a choise would better match teaching and learning styles. And having mature choices in picking thier teachers. Thank you!

  • Yes There should be.

    • A reason they should choose their own courses because they would be more focused on their work. The reason they will be more focused is because courses they would have more fun doing their work. Why you may ask? They will have fun doing their work because they like the course they have chosen. Since they are having fun doing their work they will do the work faster, since they would do it faster they will have it finished on the right time.

  • Students should be able to pick their subjects.

    Students should be able to pick their subjects. In the real world, many people do not use all of the skills they had to learn in school. If a person knows or at least has a general idea of what they want to do with the rest of their lives, they should be able to pick the classes most suited towards that.

  • Students should have a right to decide.

    I think there should be core subjects such as math, language, science and couple others in order to have some knowledge in general fields, but high schools should give students the chance to choose most of the courses they want to study. Students should be given the opportunity to take their future into their own hands. Before students move to high schools, they have studied in primary schools and best know the subjects they are good at. Some even decide the subjects they will do in high schools while they are still in primary schools. So, choosing a subject for students like these ones who have had first hand decisions on what to do in high schools will be detrimental for them and their career.A student might decide to major in electrical engineering because a family member has guaranteed him or her a job in an engineering company. The school might not know this and decide that the student takes arts courses. This will be doing more harm than good to the student, and there is a high possibility that the student will not have the desire to study in that domain because he/she does not know the importance of it in his/her future. Some students hate certain subjects in primary school and will want to avoid those subjects when they move to high schools. While in primary school, students perform differently in different subjects and will want to avoid those courses they consider as their nightmare when they are in high schools. If subjects are to be chosen for students, there will be a possibility that one of these courses might be selected for the student.

  • Choice is a Good Idea

    When you get to choose your subject, it helps. Not only do you get a sense of freedom, but you also get a chance to choose subjects that are interesting to you. It also helps when you can choose a class with a teacher you like and understand you. I think this should be allowed not just in college but in high school and middle school.

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  • What if the student only chooses that class because their friend is in that class

    This generation is 50% more talkative and easier to be distracted so they might choose a class only to be with and to talk to their friend. U say they have a choice but they also need to be challenged and when they choose their own classes the may choose what is easy for them and u need to be challenged and make your brain think. That is how u become smarter.

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  • People need certain skills

    If we are talking about being able to choose everything, then it is bad. There are some skills, for example being able to read functionally in your own language and have at least somewhat readable grammar which everyone needs. We would also want people do know basics of history to not have a new world war. Maths could be useful for example to calculate prices in the shops. So there is some minimum teaching everyone should get. Of course there should also be some options of picking your own subjects, but people should not be allowed to opt out of everything.

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