Should students be allotted time in school to complete all work?

  • Using school time to do work allows them to ask questions.

    Many times, students do not understand some of the homework that teachers give them. By allotting class time in school to work on some of the problems, it allows students to ask the teacher questions to better understand the material. It also helps students to avoid staying up late at night trying to finish their homework.

  • Yes, students should have the opportunity to complete all of their work in school.

    Every person learns and works differently. While it is important for teachers to have the chance to assign extra work so students can do some learning on their own, there should be time built into the school day for students to complete their extra work at school. This gives students the chance to learn how to budget their time, and help those who have trouble concentrating at home.

  • Homework is acceptable in small amounts.

    Homework has positive aspects. It helps teach children discipline and how to study independently. In large doses, however, it is intrusive and often unnecessary. Also, some students simply do not have parents with a suitable education to effectively assist them. The bulk of learning should take place in a classroom setting and minimal homework assigned. This insures that as much learning as possible takes place in a proper learning environment under the leadership of an educated professional.

  • No, students should not have time to complete all work at school.

    School is the time for students to receive instruction from their teachers and also to interact and discuss issues with other students. This direct contact is vital for learning and the development of ideas. Homework provides students with a way to develop discipline in completing assigned tasks in a timely manner.

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