Should students be allow to play games on their moblie phones during breaktime in school?

  • There is no real valid reason why not.

    First of all, It's healthy to enjoy your break, And you can take a rest from the hard work to enjoy yourself, Have some fun, Loosen up. Many people play with their friends, And being social is healthy.
    Almost none of the con arguments are realistic or make sense, And appear to be written by older people who haven't been in school for decades. They don't seem to understand break is probably different than what they think.
    At my high school (in California), We get 2 breaks during the day. Our school day consists of 6 class periods, Each one 55 minutes long + 5 minutes passing period. After the second period, We get a 10 minute break to do whatever we want, Buy a snack or breakfast from the Cafe, Socialize, Etc. After fourth period, We get our half-hour lunch break.
    One of the answers says "you could get addicted and fail". This makes sense if the students play games in class and instead of studying and doing homework, But playing some mobile games for a few minutes during break and/or lunchtime isn't going to really affect your grade. You can't really study for a big test in a short 10 minute break which is basically a prolonged passing period. As for lunch break, Only 5-10% of the time will a student have an upcoming test. If they want to study, They will. They are in high school, And they can manage their short time and make decisions. The same answer also says "relieving stress with games is like taking drugs". . . No, It really isn't. We are talking about playing a few casual minutes during break. Gaming and drugs are two completely different matters that should not be used to argue for or against each other.
    Another answer says "it might cause people to fight over things not fighting for. Ex: if a kid is playing fortnite and another kid criticizes him they might fight". First off, There is no time to play even half a fortnite match during break. Lunchtime, Maybe, But people also do other stuff like talk and eat. Second, The likelihood of two people fighting because one of them "criticized" the other for playing fortnite, Is like two people fighting because one of them criticizes the other for reading The Hobbit. Very, Very low chance, Never happened before. Fortnite is kinda dead anyway.
    Other arguments are similar: "you could use your time to do more productive things in the long run, Like physical activities", "you could use your time to study and finish homework", And "sitting down and playing games will affect their health". These answers neglect the fact that breaks are quite short! Many people playing something on their phone will probably be standing anyway. A 10 minute chunk of time, Which includes time needed to walk to your next class (5 minutes), Gives you enough time to find a good spot, Pull out your notes/textbook, Read a sentence, Pack up, And leave.

  • School is borimg sometimes

    School can be boring and if there is a exam tomorrow it can be stressful so games can easily relieve the stress before it can leave a dent in the mind. Plus students can also be social and play with friends in fun games during break time. People also said it is distracting but so just give students limited time
    to play.

  • I think it is interesting even though Im a fully disciplined person against gaming.

    Games undoubtedly sharpens our brain. It improves our creative thinking skills, Especially in puzzle solving. It also basically alleviate our stress for a while before facing classes after break. Sometimes we might have an inundating amount of homework before break and it basically overwhelms us. Games are there to fill in that gap, Or that sudden burst of stress we acquire as a result of homework or some other class stuffs.

    Talking about more useful things, Sure they might be able to read a book. But what would that do? Add it to their stress? Unless we are a bookworm, Apart from that it doesnt really contribute anything to the majority of the students.

    If we were talking about the minority here, Maybe reading books over games would be my point, But since it is the majority here ( and we obviously know what they would choose between games and books ), I have no other choice but to support.


  • I don't see why.

    First of all: What games are we talking about? Are we only talking about Fortnite, Or are we talking about games such as Candy Crush as well?
    Besides, How is the school going to control whether or not a student is playing Fortnite (or whatever games they might play), And not just messaging or surfing on the internet? Are the teachers going to look over the students' shoulders and control their behavior? That sounds a tad bit authoritarian. Some lines should just never be crossed, Regardless of where it is.
    Breaks are breaks, And the point of them are to give students a chance to breathe and collect their thoughts between classes. If that means playing Fortnite with their friend, Who are you to tell them how they should spend it?

  • It's human right, And it can also be productive.

    I am not denying that sometimes chatting with your friends or something like that can be constructive. However, I think people's freedom should be respected.

    Allowing students to play games does not mean that students will always play games during break time. We can educate students on the importance of communication with friends, Heath, And so on, And then students need to decide whether they will listen to these suggestions. If we just ban playing phone, Students lose opportunities to make a decision for themselves and learn self-discipline.

    Besides, For those students who want to be professional game players, Playing games during break time means training to them. There are more and more game competitions, And there are professional players who make a living by these. They are just like professional athletes.

  • It's called Break for a reason

    Not Fortnite because it's cancer and for fake gamers. But break is to. . Take a break it's IN THE NAME. "They could revise for a test" well shit why have a break at all if you're just going to work. Also forcing them to socialise can be harmful just let kids live life they have no CHOICE over whether to go to school. Some are going to become professional gamers and school is the waste of THEIR time.

  • Of course you should.

    If you've been working for 4 hours straight, You'll need a break. And it's called your phone. Also, Multiple studies support the claim that taking not only frequent, But fulfilling breaks can increase productivity during focus time. Plus students can also be social and play with friends in fun games during break time. People also said it is distracting but so just give students limited time
    to play.

  • It is healthy to enjoy your break

    Multiple studies support the claim that taking not only frequent, But fulfilling breaks can increase productivity during focus time. Not to mention not every student has some big test to cram for, Or some research due next period. In fact odds are students that DO have those-- and CARE-- would have done it at home

  • Yes yes yes

    W e s h o u l d a l o u d t o p l a y m i n e c r a f t i n s c h o o l c u z i t s a m a z i n g g

  • I think that students should be able to

    Lunch/break time is our time to get our minds off of school and have free time. Maybe if students were allowed to play during lunch then we wouldn't play them in class and we would pay attention. During lunch we should be able to do what we want, Including going to different classes to see our friends. I know that we can see them during recess but it would still be more fun and students would feel more comfortable. During the day we have to learn and when we get home we have loads of homework, And then after that most students have an after school club or team.

  • You could get addicted and then fail(NOOOOOOOOOO FORTNITE)

    Well If you don't study for a big test you could fail. And if you get addicted you would only think about the game in class. Stress relieve is just like taking drugs and stress reliving yourself, Games are the same. So ask your self next times is It worth my future to just play games.

  • You could do better things

    You could be using your time to study for a test. But instead kids are going to play, Which is something they can do at home. You may say but they have homework, But they could use that break time to finish homework too. They could also socialize with their friends, Or maybe lose friends because of being that boring kid playing games.

  • It is unfair

    It is very distracting and it will also make other kids who don't have electronics jealous and it might cause fights over other things that aren't even worth fighting for (ex a kid is playing fortnite and another kids starts criticizing him for playing it and then they argue and that will sometimes fight.

  • They can do many productive activities that will help them in long run -

    Rather than playing games on mobile phones in the school in the break time, Students should indulge themselves in communicating with other students on the topic of their choices. They can use that precious time in sharing their ideas, Dreams, Future endeavors and so much more. They can do some physical activities in that given time.

  • It could affect their health

    When you spend most of your day sitting down, There are going to be some serious health problems on the horizon. Excepting sport or P. E, You usually do you work sitting down. So breaks were there for the student to get a 'break' from all that sitting down. If you spend you break sitting down and playing games you are going to create some health problems later in life

  • Not at all.

    To the best of my knowledge, The only breaks a student has is lunch. This time is better suited for eating, Interacting with other classmates (in person) and a bit of school work such as last minute studying or working on homework. Playing games on cell phones actually distance/isolate you from others who are around you instead of interacting directly with them.

  • Ample amount of opportunity to play mobile games OUTSIDE of school

    No. There's ample amount of time to do this after school. Break time should be socializing with other students, Reading a book, Getting any homework you could get finished within that break time, Etc.

    There's a no phone policy with using phones on school grounds (*during school hours) for a reason.

    * I definitely stand by this if it's high school grades and under and I am in high school. People already find ways to get into the phones play games, Text, Even though the rule is no phones being used during school hours.

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