Should students be allowed to bring a phone to school?

  • Yes, of course.

    You need a phone at school just in case their is an emergency. Not everyone can use the school phones. Also, when your walking home if you bring your phone and see something that's worthy of telling the police you can call 911. If you are without a phone, you have to run to the nearest police department are get killed by whoever your telling on. Also, having a phone is something everyone can love. You have pride in your phone just like you have pride in your video game or whatever. Your proud of it and it's nice to at least show your friends.

  • This Generation Is Technology

    While there's a fair share of people who abuse the use of phones at school, there are many things like ipads, kindles, etc that make it much more easier for the student and teacher. A teacher does not want to lug 30 laptops to one classroom, and schools with less funding sure don't want to have to replace laptops from students using them irresponsibly. If it is something of their own possession, they will work much more carefully and efficiently. Teachers like to get through the lesson in a timely manner, students being able to quickly log on to educational websites without booting up a computer and spending time working out problems with the computer makes the lesson much more smooth. I think things like smartphones should definitely be allowed for educational purposes!

  • Because why not

    Lol they are awesome and useful. They can help you do a lot of stuff like watching stuff and learning. They also help you call your girl friends/Boy friends. You can get in Friend-zone. Also help you kill your time. School will be less boring with the Phone and school doesn't feel like h*ll

  • They need to be able to contact people

    You should be able to put in your locker on silent and not get it out during school until you are out of school. You may need to contact your parents personal or they may need to contact you personal.If there is a fire u can just call your own parents. Just to be safe.

  • Yes it awesome

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  • Multiple reasons why not.

    (1) Distraction. Let's face it- all those yammering on about how phones can be used for educational purposes are being naive. That's not what teenagers are doing on their phones in class. They're watching stupid YouTube videos, texting, on Facebook, playing games. This causes a distraction to both the teacher and the other students.
    (2) Cheating. Smart phones make it ludicrously easy to cheat.
    (3) Actually harmful in an emergency. Several studies of school emergencies (like bomb threats, etc) showed kids having cell phones actually made it WORSE. They all called their parents, who rushed right over to try and pick their kids up (which you can't do for safety reasons during an emergency), which clogs emergency routes and school property so that the actual police and other emergency responders can't get there! It also causes distraction and confusion, and keeps kids from actually paying attention to where they are supposed to be going during emergency escape routes.
    (4) Disrespect. Teachers deserve a student's full attention and respect in class. Tinkering with your phone is the opposite.

  • School isn't fro hanging and chatting.

    School isn't for social stuff... That's what home and Facebook is for. School is for learning. If you want to talk to someone, do it when you aren't on top of 600 billion dollars of US tax dollars.

    And NO you do not need phones for learning experience. If you want to chat with people, you have 9-12 hours after school to do that. If you want to talk to someone in school, talk to them in person during recess/break in between class.

  • Your are in school to learn, not talk on the phone.

    My school board recently had this discussion. It seems that not only do kids text/talk/email during class but the phones are also being used to cheat on tests.

    Public schools have been around for over 100 years and students have survived quite well without them. Students who are disrupting class do a disservice to the other students and their taxpayer parents. It would do students well to learn how to live a few hours without them. How many times have I seen drivers distracted by their cell phones, had company meetings disrupted by cell phones or listened to somebody having an argument on their cell phone while riding the train.

    The what if there is an emergency argument is specious. Parents can call the school office if there is an emergency. Likewise if the student is somehow in an emergency the school faculty should be calling the parents from the office. Besides that the safest place for a child is in school. This little bit of discipline imposed on overindulged children can only be good, and it is the school's right under the doctrine of in loco parentis.

  • Is like driving talking on phone

    Because calls not going to mother or father is all about sex or drugs or fight we never use phone before why now phones make hard for kids to lean make harder control them any how parents can n do noting when they do something or police president or mayor

  • Mobile devices may cause distractions

    It's quite common among students who bring smartphone to classroom that they are likely to be distracted by messages from friends and family. Today most young people are addicted to so-called social network like Facebook or Twitter, those students are connected to these networks 24/24 and are easily distracted and lose concentration on lectures when they receive notifications. Therefore, it leads to poor schooling performance and risk of not catching up with the curriculum, especially for those who are less self-disciplined and sensible to surroundings.
    Another problems found is that using smartphone in class may affect other student's attention on studying. In fact, the sound from devices or abnormal actions of student may psychologically affect other counterpart's concentration.

  • No and it is sad people do allow it

    Cell phones are built for applications, while there are applications that can teach students things these are overall not the ones they are using. The most popular applications are as follows 1. Instagram 2. Facebook 3. Snapchat 4. Tinder. Sadly, these are all generally hookup apps. When someone sits in a classroom they are either communicating with friends in another classroom or checking out someone on a social media website whichever one it may be. They are a huge distraction and they are lowering the level of intelligence in students everywhere. They create more problems than they help. Giving students their own phones only gives them the freedom to distract themselves all day long.

  • Mobile phone cause distractions

    It is not good for students if thay bring their phone to school because the student won't pay attention to what the teachers are tring to say. Students can't resist the temptation, and secretly took out mobile phone on the desk next to play, even to play mobile phone and a group of a group, do not take the class seriously. Bringing phone to school is a distraction from education, since school is for educating the next generation as much as possible, every possible distraction should be removed.

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In what country do schools ban phones??