Should students be allowed to bring electronic devices to school?

  • Kids should be able to bring electronics to school.

    If there was a fire or an emergency and there was no way for the teachers to get help, the students could help by calling the police. Also, if a person forgot their things were at the school and there was only the principal working, the student would be able to contact the principal.

  • Electronics are Beneficial

    Electronics are a good research tool, as well as a good way to communicate with family. Lets say, for instance, that you are supposed to be a car rider today. Your mother sends you a text saying that you need to ride the bus home that evening. You would then be stuck at school waiting for a ride that will never come. You could even be abducted. Electronics also help kids write essays quicker and easier. It also provides a way to see your spelling and grammatical errors. You can quickly fix most simple simple mistakes and learn from it. Electronics also provide a quick and surefire way to conduct research. If you go to a library there might not be any books on the specific subject but the internet provides multiple pages of information. Electronics are good for the school. Don't ban them!

  • I think electronics should be allowed in school

    It is because that if you are tired of writing,you can type faster on electronics plus you don't have to erase words. Kids can called the police of someone is a robber,kids can call the hopsital instead of staying in the nurse,waiting and waiting. Some studies show that using technology can help improve from reading comprehension skills to content-area learning. You don't have to remember how to spell a word if using a mobile device,it will auto correct you. For example,if you spell imposible like this, it will turn into impossible(just missing a s). They can search up on the Internet and learn from it. Like "Are aliens real?" Or other stuff. Even though that it can distract you from learning,you can already learn from the Internet. When you are typing this argument,you are using the Internet(most likely). If there is no internet or electronics,kids will be bored and have nothing to do instead of drawing,talking,and more boring things. Kids can take notes and remember them when they forgot it. You might be thinking,Aren't smartboards and computers are an electronic? Well yes,but you can't play on it only if the teacher allow you to play. I know that there is still more,but I am,going to leave it here. These are the reason why I think electronics should be allowed in school. :P Derp.

  • Yes, in general, though the school should be able to restrict when they can be used if they can show a real reason.

    Having three teenagers in school, each of whom has their own cell phone and tablet, I have great familiarity with the issues surrounding this question. In each of their schools, the administrations have decided to allow the students more and more freedom with the devices, and at one school actively encourage all students to bring them every day, to make internet research easier. However, the rules need to be set by each school, to meet the needs and situations at each school, and sometimes may be different in different classrooms.

  • The people who have the devices can research without going out of the classroom.

    If the people have their devices it makes them feel older and it will encourage the students to do more. Also if they are allowed to bring their devices they will believe that you trust them. If students get their phone or electronic device taken away by the teachers they will be in a bad mood and they won't want to do their work.

  • It will happen eventually, so why not now?

    As technology advances, we will start to have more and more electronics. In school, you could buy textbooks for a cheaper amount of money, and save trees. Also, you can restrict applications for students, so they do not play games. As for cyber bullying, the student can just block the bully. The electronic can be just for school, and the student has to pay for half of the electronic to use it. If there are any dyslexic students, this is a plus. There would not have to be computer labs anymore. For keyboarding, you can get a keyboard case, or just use the screen. They even have Microsoft Word on the iPad, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook. It helps keep you notes organized.

    Yes, there is cyber bullying, but, the student should not be allowed to text anyway, so it would not happen often or at all. You can cheat. It would be extremely easy to. There can be an app for testing, and if you exit the app, it means you are cheating, so the teacher can stop that, by watching the screens. In computer labs, the same things happen and you can see all of the computer screens. Also, there is stealing, if a student cannot afford a tablet/ electronic device, they will want one, so they will steal. To solve this problem, the school can have fundraisers to raise money to buy tablets. Just deal with it.

  • Typing is Faster Than Writing

    Basically, typing is WAY faster than writing it all down. But one rule should be that if they are not using their devices appropriately, it will be taken away, and for younger kids, they have to get it back with an adult. They can also research straight from the Internet. Also, the generation right now is electronics. They should be more adapted to their new technology.

  • Yes it should

    Students will need a little time to unwind and the fact that kids need it should just be enough. Those who say no are just upset they could not do that when they were in school. So yes Students should be allowed electronics in school to play or research on. What if ther is a emergency.

  • I think they should allow devices in schools.

    The iPod allows students to install applications of surplus books such as the dictionary, thesaurus as well as the calculator, which means that they can carry a lighter backpack to their schools. This also allows students to listen to music which can be a stress reliever during school because it is very stressful in schools for students and teachers.

  • Yes, electronics should be allowed.

    What would happen in an emergency and the school's phones aren't available? This is where cell phones come in. A student could call the authorities with a phone. And students with tablets could use those instead of using the school's computers. It would save money. Teachers could check to see what the children are doing on their devices to make sure they are doing the assignment.

  • Distraction in Class

    A PEW 2010 study shows that “43% of all teens who take their phones to school say they text in class at least once a day or more.” (Teens and Mobile Phones). Cellular devices are clearly causing distractions in the classroom, and if they were banned it would not be so. 43% of teens would have improving grades if electronics were banned from schools.

  • Why? Why are they needed? No need whatsoever!

    Why the hell do students need to bring electronics to school? For learning purposes?!?
    NO! They are very distracting; which causes students to play games, go on inappropriate websites, cheat in tests and urges students to text!
    Social problems__ cyber bullying, rumors, pictures on social web
    Not everyone has access__ expensive, ppl might want newer kinds, not everyone owns them, parents might not allow students to take them to school or even buy their kids any electronics!


    Posted by: HQB
  • No, those devices should be left at home.

    We send our kids to school to learn certain subjects. Kids do not need to learn much about electronic devices, they learn all that by osmosis. How is an electronic device going to teach kids about history, literature, or math in a way that the teacher cannot do? The more a teacher leans on electronic devices, the less teaching he or she has to do in class. If children want to do homework using electronic media that is their choice, but we should not have classrooms with every child hooked into the internet or whatever. It is not an ideal learning environment. I had a junior college class that required using computer programs once. The college computer system was on DSL, so instant internet access was available. The teacher had to have a camera installed in the back of the class so she could see everyone's computer screens and know if they were playing games or surfing the internet instead of using the assigned program.

  • Its too distracting!

    No because if electronics would be allowed in school kids would be using the electronics and not will not be paying attention in class. Also if they were to play outside with the electronics when they return to class there still going to be wanting to play their electronics and will get distracted.

  • No, the devices should not be used in school.

    Technology like I-pods, phones, and other electronic devices shouldn't be in school because most kids have found games and have been hiding phones while using them to play games and use other internet required programs like face-book, twitter, and snap-chat and when they get caught the teachers either give the phones, I-pods, and other electronic devices to the office or the principle. The electronic devices can help the students CHEAT on a TEST OR QUIZ this is why I-pods, phones, and other electronic devices should be left at home and used for games only.

  • I think that students should not be allowed to bring electronic devices to school.

    Students should not be allowed to bring electronic devices to school because students would get easily distracted and some students would feel left out if they didn't have electronic devices. Also it would polute the earth because the children would have to charge their electronics a lot and electricity is made out of coal.

  • Students shouldn't bring electronics to school

    The school will need more outlets to charge these devices so more money will be spent. Some kids may not have devices so they may feel bad and not have enjoyment of school which could bring down grades. Rules made to control this may be broken so i have spoken!

  • Yes children should be able to bring electronic media to school

    In some schools there are no lockers so they have to bring a whole load of textbooks along with notebooks,which will make the bag very heavy. Too much weight on your back is bad for you.So you can download the text book in your tablet or phone and bring it to school

  • Us kids shouldn't be able to bring our own device to school

    If schools want us kids to bring our own device to school then what is the point of them telling us to buy school books when they are not going to be used. If kids are bringing there device to school they would do a lot of typing and would forget how to write with a pen or a pencil. Us kids will forget how to fix our mistakes in spelling, instead of us fixing them and knowing how to do it our device would do it all for us.

    Overall I think we shouldn't be able to bring our own device to school.

  • It would be a distraction

    It would not help people focus, people wouldn't be paying attention. It could just be so many different things wrong with the electronic device situation, it is not helping anyone except cheating off the test and getting the right answers. That is why I choose no for this situation. Thanks

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Anonymous says2013-04-25T13:51:08.570
I think kids should be aloud to have electronics in school
Anonymous says2013-07-10T23:08:27.310
Students should be allowed to take hand devices to school as long as they dont get distracted in class.If the device is take or missplaced it shouldn' be the teachers fault it should be the owner because they took the device to school lol