Should students be allowed to bring laptops with Internet access to social studies classes?

  • yes

    More people are going to want laptops because you can have less books and will spend less time writing. More people will love your school, so I would suggest allowing students to have laptops. More people would rather have a laptop than to write.

  • Laptops and internet access can greatly increase the educational potential for students.

    Laptops are a great tool for students when it comes to learning. Combined with internet capability, they have nearly unlimited potential. Students can reference things they learn in class and answer their own questions with a simple internet search. The key is not to rely on laptops, since every kid won't be able to afford to have a laptop they can bring to school.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • Yes, students should be allowed to bring laptops with Internet access to social studies class, because they would be great learning tools.

    Laptops with Internet access would be of great help in a social studies class. They would help to research and look up things related to the subject matter of the class. Students may misuse the computer, but it can also be for the best, overall, if they take the time and energy to learn.

    Posted by: FemaleTyron73
  • The Internet is a powerful learning tool that can improve the classroom experience.

    The Internet allows students to pull up articles related to lectures and improve class discussions. It can allow teachers to share information quickly. Laptops let students take accurate and easy to read notes that can be instrumental when studying for tests. However, the teacher must have a policy that students cannot browse websites unrelated to class, during class time. Therefore, this type of learning is best applied in a small classroom setting, where this type of policy could be enforced easily.

    Posted by: McLovin'
  • Yes, it should be allowed but with some conditions

    Laptops with internet access would help student to learn topics easily. It would help students to this?uss openly. Students and teachers can gain knowledge accurately with simple internet search key. But it should be the condition that student should not allowed to browsed unrelated material as this will create this?urbance.

  • Nagisa0817

    I think it should be allow to bring the laptops to the social studies classes, because using the laptops means to be able to use internet during the classes. It gives you a lot of information and it encourages you to be more interested in the topic taking the classes. However, on the other hand, the teachers should pay attention to their students more carefully, because some students tend to be using the internet to research something unrelated to the classes. This situation makes your classes uncomfortable, like noisy or sounds like that, so if I'm a teacher, I have to be more careful and pay attention during the class. But anyway I agree with the opinion to permit the students to bring their laptops.

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  • Yes it is ok

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  • Laptops: the necessity for the modern world

    In my opinion, laptops should be allowed in schools as it will help students to find the answers for all their queries themselves and as the most famous and common proverb states that 'god help those who help themselves', they will develop a better understanding as they would be looking for the answers themselves.

  • It is a major form of distraction.

    Half the time when a student is allowed to use their laptops in class, time is spent checking their Facebook, emails, blogs, and other hot topic news. Computers should stay home or in a separate classroom like the computer lab. Take a walk, get some exercise in the process.

  • No no no

    The paper you think you are saving would be replaced with dead lithium ion batteries and legacy computer components full of toxic chemicals and metals, plus electricity isn't free and comes mostly from methods that are environmentaly unhealthy the quality of learning would be based on how much money mom and dad have. The rich kid with the new sony vaio would surely do better in clthan the poor kid with an 8 year old dell inspiron. So the school would have to provide the exact same notebook to each student to prevent an unfair advantage, the school would need to have it support for networking, a technician for the students since a malfunctioning machine means no learning till it's fixed. In addition they would need to police the students activities to an extent.

  • No, I think students need to concentrate on the task at hand.

    In a classroom students need to be more focused on their class work. It would be entirely too simple for students to ignore rules about the laptop and log into other things, ignoring their class work. Electronic devices can bring lessons to life but that needs to be done by the teacher, not by individual students.

  • No Please No

    In school I get tired and bored of school, but my knowledge has grown each day and if we lower the school week to four day then the school is raking away our knowledge. Next, there is also the fact that the teachers get paid for what they do and if you do that then the teachers' pay will go down

  • This wastes resources

    If the laptops belong to the students, they may do what they wish. If, however, as at my school, the school district provides the laptops, these resources should be reallocated to the science and computation departments.

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