Should students be allowed to bring pesonal electronic devices to school?

  • Students should bring electronic devices to school

    This is because electronic devices are popular nowadays. Almost every one have their electronics devices such as tablet, laptop and so on, so students should bring it to school. They will have more friends and be more popular in school as they bring electronic devices to share their devices with their friends.

    Posted by: sany
  • It should be

    They should be bringing it cuz it'll help learning much more easier. All the notes and stuffs are kept in one place which will make the students could access to it anytime and anywhere. They also already comfortable using elecrtric devices, so this will make them more engaged to learning.

  • Should students be allowed to bring personal electronic devices to school?

    Many schools are switching to tablets instead of textbooks. A lot of schools also encourage students to use laptops and portable voice recorders in class to record lectures. If electronics are used for these purposes, than they are essential tools for student success and should be allowed. Cell phone usage, should be restricted to lunchtime and breaks, and cell phones should be collected or checked during all other periods throughout the day.

  • They should bring it

    I think that students should bring it to school as it may help them with many things.Also if it is an emergency and they need to contact someone they will need their device with them.They could also use it for searching on the Internet for history topics and other information in school. So that's why I think they should bring it to school.ITS MUCH MORE EASIER TO USE THAN TEXTBOOKS !!!!!

  • Students Should Be Allowed to Bring Devices to School

    It is not fair that students can't listen to their own music, check their text messages in free time, and have them for educational needs. That is because they all have some kind of device, that the school is torturing them because of 'stupid school rules'. It is Totally Unfair.

  • Electronics in school!!!!!!!!!!!

    Many people think electronics should be allowed in school. I believe that they should allow personal devices in school. You might want to text your friends at other schools. You could also do research and get some of your friends email so you could contact them over summer.So i suggest let us bring personal devices to school.

  • Students being able to use personal electronics

    I think that students should be able to use personal electronics in school. Because if we were able to use electronics in class we would be able to look things up (especially girls them texting all the time). We want to be able to do things faster if we could use electronics in class.

  • They can be used well.

    The use of personal SMART devices should be allowed in school for the same reason computers are. They can be used to teach children how to keep up with our fast technology development and still learn just as well maybe even better. So I say yes and hope you agree.

  • Yes they should

    They should be allowed to during lunch hors and recess hours or if they need to text a parent or any thing like that. Or for school apps etc etc plus they can type faster than writing so yea they should be able too!!! And if something were to happen they could call the police.

  • Hi, I will bring my phone to school

    Bring your phones to school. Use it as a calculator take selfies with friends. Look up research. Phones weren't invented to stay at your house for the whole day, so bring your phone to school. Bring headphones to listen to music. Watch entertaining videos. Text your friends. Do what you want its your phone.

  • It will be used as a distraction

    What the affirmation has clearly failed to realize is that these "devices" would be used as a distraction in a learning environment which is not at all acceptable. As it is now, the U.S. is ranked very low in all the core subjects and adding personal devices to a learning environment is not acceptable. Instead of helping the students, it will end up as a detriment to their education and thereby future.

  • No i don’t think kids should

    No I don’t think kids should bring electronics to school,why,here is a reason below.

    The first reason is because yes you do have a long school year but after that everybody has the summer off to play. In the summer you can play xbox,ipad,watch TV,or get on your headphones. There is no reason you should bring it in to and you know what they say,”you don’t get,you earn”. And the only way you could do that is work hard. In school that would be a distraction. Say if your teacher doesn’t like electronics at school he or she might take it away. If you ever use it to cheat on a test,your teacher will give you an F or get the test ripped up. After that you would get that on your report card

  • No, can be used to take unnecessary photos and videos

    Nowadays in schools boys take unnecessary photos of girls edit it and just do whatever they want. This may result in the very bad and horrible security of the women or the girls coming to study in the schools and colleges. Thus mobile phones should be banned in the schools.

  • They really have no place in school.

    No one needs their phone unless it is truly important or the teacher asks someone to bring it in. They are just distractions for everyone who uses them. And i say this from the perspective of a student. They aren't necessary, and they are a huge waste and draw people away from reading.

  • Distraction to the children!!!!

    It is a huge distraction in the classroom environment not only for the student using the device but for the childs peers that surround him or her. It can be used for cheating, gaming during class, and for texting friends family and others. The US is already so low in the academic world Lets not ruin it now!!!!

  • I think not!

    Students are always cheating and looking up answers to there questions instead of taking the time and doing your with your mind the god gave you. Schools need to stop this now because the students aren't learning anything if they are looking up the answers. But that is my opinion.

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