Should students be allowed to bring pets to school?

  • Yes, animals are helpful!

    Animals are proven to help reduce stress. Animals can help children take a break if times are hard. Animals are fun. Animals are great companions. They can help children let of steam. Animals should be allowed at schools for many reasons. They can be helpful to everyday children at school!

  • Kids need pets

    Pets are the center of any kids' world. If anyone has allergies they can get a shot or leave to a different room. Kids would have more interest in learning because their pet is learning with them. Pets can also help kids with disabilities, like diabetes, and will make those kids who feel left out feel like they have friend.

  • Educational tool for teachers

    For all you people voting no, if you want kids to be more responsible about it, the teachers can create a class where you learn how to properly take care of a pet: grooming it, feedings it, taking it to potty, etc. this way kids would know what they're doing.

  • As long as no one is allergic

    As long as people with allergies are kept away, there should be a bring your pet to school day once a year. I think teachers could incorporate it into their curriculum, such as a descriptive essay about their pets. After all, it could boost morale and give students something to look forward to other than tests

  • Yes they are nice

    The service dog at my brothers elementary school is really nice and he doesn't bother the kids who don't like dogs. Next thing you know when my brother gets into 6th grade he will feel like he is in prison because he doesn't have the freedom that he does now.

  • Yes pets should be allowed at school

    Yes because pets are amazing they do so much for us. Some pets can be trained to do certain things like turn on and off the lights and guide the blind. Not only do pets do that they also can comfort and encourage students to work harder. Additionally pets can reduce the amount of stress upon students

  • Yes, Pets are helpful

    We could use them for science experience, take out some stress and if you are bored you can play with them. It is fun to play with them, we can relax and have fun with the pets. It is not good when we have allergies but it is alright if there are none people that has an allergies. Pets will feel thankful because we are helping them to not be hurt or sick. So I think pet is a good to bring in the school

  • I love animals!

    I don't like school and a lot of other kids don't either. Pets could make school more interesting. Pets would also make school seem slightly shorter because you would have to take them out to go potty every few hours. This would also allow everyone to get more exercise throughout the day.

  • Good to show friends!

    Your friends never see your pets unless they go to your house. People hardly go to their friends houses and you have to organise everything and it's just a nightmare. I think pets should be allowed in school as your friends can meet them and make friends with your pets.

  • Pets should be allowed!!!!!!!!!

    Pets have nothing to do while they are at home. We can spend most of our time by watching TV, playing games, chatting with others etc. Most of the pets usually sleep all time while they are at home because they have nothing to do which means that they get more unhealthy and unfit which will be bad for their body. While they go to school they will be more active and more engaged with other people. Pets also keeps thinking about you while you are away and wait for so longest for you!

  • One word: allergies

    I fully understand that dogs can be great tools in a classroom, they can be helpful to students with disabilities, and they can just be fun. The problem is the kids with allergies. I go to a school where people think, just because they aren't allergic, no one is. They don't understand that while some allergies are minor, some aren't. I have seen plenty of schools ban kids from having peanut butter at lunch because of an allergy, so why not the same for dogs. I am severely asthmatic, I have tried the shots to no avail, and don't interact with the dogs at all. The problem is that asthma is something triggered by dander, which is the dead skin and hair follicles from a dog. Its something airborne. A great example: someone brought their dog for an interview to get into the school. They were in the office and I was on the other side of the building. I started noticing that breathing was becoming difficult for me. I had no idea why so I shrugged it off, but it not only made it nearly impossible to learn but I almost had to go to the hospital to acquire treatment for this. I later learned that someone had brought their dog to school and that was the reason for my sudden asthma attack. Sure not every kid has such severe reactions, and it can even help sometimes, but its not fair in any way to the kids that do have such severe allergies. Maybe you love peanut butter and it is your favorite snack, but your best friend is so allergic they would die if you ate it in the same room as them (this is a thing). You wouldn't put them in that situation, no matter how much you liked peanut butter. You can just wait to have it until you get home or go outside. So why can't we extend the same curtesy to kids with pet allergies.

  • Schools are for Learning, not Playing

    Due to the poison which many pets have, I DO NOT think that pets should be aloud in school. It can result in death and serious illnesses. They can also distract children from learning and some kids are not reaching the standards for their year.
    Children should also not have pets in school because they need to know that they cannot always have their pet with them.

  • I wish, but NO...

    Pets shouldn't be allowed at school due to the fact that the pets could cause a commotion and people could get injured or even the pets and they could even cause a mess that the students would be responsible for. Also, because the pets could get in the way of students education and teachers teaching. Plus, if the pets were to be small or skinny and they were to be lost then the students would not be able to find them which could cause a problem.

  • No no no

    School it's a place to allow kids to learn it's fun place and it's not a zoo to bring a pets to school because they can make a mess and they need to clean it so no and they can attack other pets or attack other students so be it resolved that pets should not be allowed

  • What the heck of course not

    Kids have allergies. WTF If there were pets at school that would create a HUGE distraction. In addition all the halls would smell like crap. The students would be responsible for picking up their dog's sh-t. Many people including me have allergies. Who wants dogs everywhere barking when you are trying to work? What are you supposed to do with them during class? I don't know what kind of pets would be aloud. I don't see a problem with just like little guinea pigs in your locker.

  • Pets cause problems

    Pets should not be allowed in schools because pets need a lot of attention. Most of students want to bring pets to school because they want a reason to skip class. Some pets need to go for a walk or needs to be fed. This will make distract the students from learning. If the students keep the pets in class, it may deteriorate the pets health. Certain pets can't stand the light or the noise created by students. Pets also can make a mess in the class and the class will start to smell. Nowadays, students have a variety of pets and some have poison. It can result in death and serious illnesses. Certain pets will fight will each other. If this happens, it will cause commotion in the class. As a conclusion, the school is a place to get an education and there needs to be some limits placed on what is acceptable there. Pets would not serve any real purpose in an education. There is a time and place for pets, but schools are not it

  • Pets should not be allowed in school.

    I mean a bird is a pet right? Well a kid's cat could eat it. Then what would you do? Cry? And dogs could attack children as well. Plus, I saw a post saying kids with allergies could 'leave the room'. Then where would they learn? Even if you say "Oh, there would be a classroom for kids with allergies." What if at lunch some dander from a pet rubs on a kid with allergies. Or if a dogs escapes the classroom. And noise could disrupt a classroom. Now, I have no problem against class pets, like fish. Just don't let kids during their pets.

  • Noo pets in school!!!!!!

    A lot of people have allergies from pets. If they bring pets to school than, there will most likely be allergic reactions. Also you need to find time to feed, and take your pet to the bathroom, and take them on walks. . In school there is no time to take their pets to the bathroom, or take them on walks and feed them.

  • Students should not be allowed to bring pets to school!!!!

    Peds could go to the bathroom in the classroom they could wreck art supplies they can distract skins from their work they could wreck school property that's good because her writing etc. lots of people have allergies to you breaking about pets having them and having certain times I could eat students lunches they can make a mess they could escape kid would be sad peds attacking other pets pets get hurt they could get in the way of teachers teaching

  • No no no

    The animal can poop in the school and pee they can also possibly bite student as they work and cause serious damage to them .Dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog

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