Should students be allowed to carry weapons as a means of self-defense against physical bullying?

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    Why is it acceptable for a student to physically harm another student and walk away relatively unpunished save for a scolding and a few days worth of detention, yet punishable by up to 5 years in prison for the assaulted student to carry a weapon in order to prevent further assaults?

    If the law system has no intention of either:
    1.Apply the same punishment of an armed assault to that of an unarmed assault
    2.Station numerous guards across school grounds. Present at all times

    Then - A student should have the right to defend himself.

  • Absolutely 100%, but...

    Students who feel threatened at school should definitely he allowed to carry a weapon with them. However the chosen weapon must be non-lethal, and designed specifically for self-defense purposes. Therefore, guns and knives are out of the question, while tazers, pepper spray, and targeted sound frequency blasters should be allowed.

  • Everyone has a god given right to defend themselves

    If a kid is getting bullied, likely they are the weaker party. Even the odds, no bully should get away with it. Tactical pen, club, rock, I don't care, the bully needs a whoopin. Force with force ok, Force with bigger force much better for the person being bullied. Even the odds, teach them a good lesson. We learn from experience, some people learn slower than others.

  • Yes for non-lethal LEGAL self-defense weapons

    There are various types of non-lethal self-defense weapons out there that would not only keep the intended victim safe, but will also be very effective against attackers. I'm a 22y/o female and attend college. I don't believe that guns a would be safe to have on campus, but I do think that pepper spray and a tactical pen or mini-taser is enough to keep me from getting sexually assaulted. As for children, say high school age and younger, something more appropriate might be an anti-assault beeper that sets off an extremely loud and shrill alarm if the child is in any kind of danger.

  • Weapons will save lives!

    I have been hit and got in fights before (not in school) and they were not my fault. I am lucky enough to have been training in martial arts for ten years. Most kids don't have the time or money for training. A self defense weapon takes the need for training away.

  • Yes, but under certain circumstance.

    I believe that students should be allowed to bear one self-defensive weapon as long as the student hand the weapon in at the beginning of the day to their office. Though, we would need more cameras on the streets to keep an eye on the kids just to keep an eye on them.

  • Let's not be hypocrites.

    A 18 year old 6'4", 270-pound high school student is a living weapon. A 15 year old 4'11" 80-pound one is not, Where's the fairness in a fight between these two? Surely, some non-lethal way is needed to equalize the two. Sam Colt was right about the "human equalizer"; but at the school level it can be something other than guns.

  • Yes, we should.

    As a victim of bullying, the only way to get them to stop is to show them they cant make a target of you. Teachers did F**k-all, so i needed to take matters into my own hands. My bully was 10 inches taller than me, around 2.5x my weight so much of my own resistance was futile. To level the field i had to stick razor blades to my knuckles and punch him once. He never bothered me again

  • Lethal, No, Non Lethal Weapons, YES!

    I believe that carrying a weapons that can severely injure or Kill, such as a knife or gun, should not be allowed. But something like a handheld taser or a kid-sized stun stick WOULD be a good idea for kids that are constantly beaten up. The privilege to carry one of these, though, would have to come with a short training course, so that the kids don't accidentally hurt themselves or others. This way, if a bully tries to physically injure a fellow student, and this student has a taser, the student can successfully defend him/herself against the marauder.

  • Yes, this should be allowed.

    Face it, teachers are completely helpless when it comes to bullying. If a child is being bullied, they will most likely blackmail the child to not tell anyone and if the child does tell a teacher, it will result in an after school bullying session. Many kids WALK home from school, or ride their bikes. I strongly believe they should be allowed to bring a weapon in case of psychotic morons out to rape girls or bullies who hunt their victim into a corner right after school. Why should one child be allowed to bring harm to another and the victim should not be allowed to defend themselves? Think about that for a second. Not every child has a happy family, most of them are probably getting abused at home, meaning they have no where to go to talk to about this, teachers are CLEARLY out of the question, and to say that the student should talk to a teacher either way means you're nothing but a blind adult who cannot understand the world simply doesn't work that way - not anymore.

    It's easy for you to say that a child can punch back, however, it's 99% likely that the bullied child simply CANNOT fight making him/her an easy target for others to attack. Why strip them of their right to defend themselves? A knife is okay, I agree a child should not have a gun but where the hell is a child going to get one anyways?

  • NO! Absolutely not!

    If a bully punches a kid, and the kid retaliates by knifing him, or god forbid shooting him in the face, that's REALLY BAD! If someone punches you, you can't spin around and kill them. You can only kill someone if you fear that your life is in danger, and if the bully is not going to kill you, (which he probably won't) you cannot kill him. And even if you don't mean to kill a guy, you could severely injure someone with a weapon. Besides if two kids are fighting, and in the heat of the moment, one kid pulls out a gun... Besides, we aren't even TALKING about if a kid pulls out a knife or gun when someone is only verbally abusing him, or worse, if he only THINKS that someone is verbally abusing him. If someone is mad, if because another person called him a name, or something else, depending on the person, if they have a weapon on them, they might pull out that weapon, and a few hurtful words could end up with a dead student.

  • Of course not!

    That is insane! If by weapons, you mean a pistol, in most states you have to be 21 to own a hand gun and most schools do not allow weapons on any sort in the school.

    It is only the cowboy states, e.G., Montana, Texas and Southern States e.G., Mississippi, Alabama where anyone would even think of such nonsense.

    Allowing students to bring weapons in school will result in more deaths. Students are not mature enough to handles guns unless under adult supervision.

  • Students don't have self-control!

    No way, José! Use your fists if you're being physically bullied. Chances are that one day, the child will lose it and bring in a knife, gun, or bomb to retaliate. The retaliation has to fit the physical bullying. I don't think anything will be the equivalent unless you use your fists.

  • No no and no

    There's so many things wrong w this idea
    1) just bcos ur being bullied doesn't mean you gotta settle it out w more violence. Yes, i understand sm kids just cant defend themselves but you don't go around shanking and shooting er'one
    2) we all know that if we ever were to agree to this and permitted it, it wouldn't just be used as a form of self defense- school shootings, school shankings. Wot if the kid being bullied just decides its too much and goes on a cutting spree or perhaps the bully just gives him a mean look and the kid decides to gut him?? Wot if the "person being bullied" ins't actually being bullied?? I understand I'm assuming the worst but SOOOO many things can go wrong w this idea

  • Retardation is an issue

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  • Please excuse me, am I hearing correctly?

    I myself am a victim of bullying, and know one thing for sure; if victims of bullying are given weapons to retaliate, then the population of children would have plummeted by now. I was bullied last year, and if I had access to weapons it would have gone badly for myself and the bully.Do you seriously think that weapons will help stop bullying? If a case of physical bullying is that bad, you can involve the police! They listen, and its a better way of solving a problem!

  • Students Shouldn't Carry Weapons

    Physical bullying can be a problem for some youth, but by no means would carrying a weapon help the problem. Carrying weapons only gives the bully more to use, because whatever you are carrying could potentially be used against you as well. Carrying weapons would only make matters worse, it would be very unlikely to improve the situation.

  • No they should not be allowed to.

    Children should not be allowed to bear a weapon in any circumstance, especially around other children. Their minds are not fully formed and emotional de scions do not process through them the same was as adults, so by allowing them to carry weapons you would only have more dead kids on your hands.

  • No they should not.

    Students should not be allowed to carry weapons even if it is just as a means as self defense. It can lead to people getting more injured than needed and deaths of children that should not happen in the first place. If there is a bully we need to find other ways to handle it .

  • No, it would be abused.

    No, students should not be allowed to carry weapons as a means of self-defense against physical bullying, because the weapons would likely end up being used for offense. Students have other students, teachers, and security guards available for their defense. Students do not need to have weapons at school, because they would be abused more than they would be helpful.

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Anonymous says2013-05-15T12:44:30.800
No guns... Should be allowed ever!! Not 1 for 1 single person in the entire globe ever again!!!
Aries says2013-05-22T05:47:58.190
No one said killed. And what kind of child will have acess to a gun anyways? Is that really the only weapon you people can think of? Ever heard of a knife metal pole...?