• Yes, they should

    Banning dating at school would be a very hard rule to actually apply, for one thing, and would only cause unnecessary complications. If students suddenly could not date at school, they would probably skip more and care less about their education when focusing on keeping their relationship together. Of course, PDA should be kept limited as school is ultimately a place where students go to learn, but it is also a place to socialize and that shouldn't be taken away.

  • There is no harm.

    There is no harm in allowing students to date while in school. Teenagers are driven by hormones and would constantly be thinking about whoever they liked anyway, so enforcing such a rule would be pointless and a waste of time. As long as students remain to stay on top of their schoolwork, there is no problem. If they do not stay on top of their homework, then it should be up to the parents to punish their children with something such as not being able to see their significant other outside of school for a given amount of time.

  • It's part of growing up.

    One of the most important things that we learn in school, aside from the various subjects, is social skills. Kids these days already have bad enough social skills without banning a very important part of human life, mating, at a critical time for such skills to begin setting.

    Besides, there's that whole thing where it violates freedom of association.

  • Prepares them for their future

    Dating in high school prepares teenagers for their future lives. Using their experiences from previous relationships allows them to have a happier next relationship. Through out their relations they will learn more about themselves as well. Dating in high school is major these days and if they can't date someone it might make them mad at the parents for that decision too. Dating correctly will also give them knowledge in how a future spouse should be treated.

  • Dating Is Part of Growing Up

    Yes students should be allowed to date other students. Forming relationships and dating is part of a natural life progress. Limiting touching and kissing in school may be okay but to try to ban all forms of dating just would not make sense in today's world. Dating is part of life.

  • Give them knowledge on how to manage their time in school

    If they are dating at school, they will learn how to manage their time in school. In order to having a date at school, they must done their first priority in school, such as doing homework, do the class project, and many more. After doing their task, they can date freely at school.

  • It's perfectly normal.

    Each and every student should have the right to date the person they want to date, and no school rule should prevent from a male and a female from going out with each other. Also what sort of image would the school be presenting if it didn't allow the freedom for students to interact freely with one another as long as it abides by the formal school rules.

  • Should students be allowed to date at school?

    Love life is basically based on school. Yes the students might not pay attention in class that much. But when the student is actually dating the girl/boy they will pay more attention not worrying about her/him. And plus when you are in school you get to see more people and actually talk to them. Not like in the real movies you don't just walk pass someone and instantly fall in love with each other. And that is why students should be allowed to date at school!

  • Administration has no power

    Students should be allowed to date in school because even if some administrators banned it, how would they find out who is dating who? Also what would the punishment be, suspension for having feelings for somebody? Life is full of emotions and being with a certain somebody everyday at school, you're bound to fall for somebody. It's how humans are wired.

  • How would you ban it?

    I'm not one to date in school, but I see no possible way to regulate it, and regulation would only lead to furtive and possibly more dangerous behavior. We do need a time to get to know others and form relationships. That being said, I didn't go on a date until 16 and even after that didn't steady date.

  • School work is important.

    If a child is dating and are really interested in their boy or girlfriend they are usually in the same class don't get their work done so they get a bad grade and don't get a good job or get into a collage . There for dating in school is not a horrible thing but might affect your life.

  • Love, YES; dating, NO.

    About 80% of the teenagers nowadays still do not know what love is. They just do whatever people do, like hang out every day, buy each others gifts, go to the cinema etc.. This will affect their studies for sure. However, if they are mature enough, they would have understand this. When both sides understand, they can love each other without dating, why not? They care about each others, help each others, solve problems together, couples can do these to be in a relationship! In conclusion, dating is a bad idea, it will affect your study for sure. If you are the kind of person I've mentioned above, go ahead and tell your crush you love him/her and if she understands, you two are in a relationship without dating. Voila!

  • They are not ready for relationships yet.

    School is a place for education, students in school should be focusing on their studies. Relationships in school can be a huge problem because it may be a distraction to the students, people in relationships will always want to please the other, and will spend more time doing that instead of focusing on studies.

  • May jeopardize one's mental health.

    When two people are dating, they often don't last long. In the society we live in today, high school sweethearts have a very low percentage. With happiness comes sadness. Couples are often on a roller coaster ride, with emotions fluctuating, and end up breaking up. This causes a lot of emotional trauma for both, and they don't focus on school, which leads to bad grades and not to mention, a bad future.

  • Dating is a huge distraction

    Schools should have the right to limit physical contact between students for safety as well as to allow the good order and running of the school. School is a place for learning, and dating and relationships are inappropriate in the school grounds. Kids have not yet learned to balance things in their lives, so often when teens get into relationships it consumes them at the cost of everything else.

  • Although this largely depends on an individual's emotional age and level of independence, I believe students generally should not date.

    A 'student' is called a 'student', Because his main purpose is to study, Enjoy a full school experience, Make new friends and discover more about himself in a safe and nurturing environment, Surrounded by mentors such as school teachers and parents.

    I believe that students would be busy hitting the books, And they should be, As it is important for a student to make full use for the opportunities given to him in his youth, In preparation for the future. Some students may struggle juggling academic work, Enrichment programmes and socializing. This makes dating an extra burden - after all, One would have to choose a dating partner out of friends or acquaintances he has socialized with thus far.
    Practically speaking, A student in his teens would not have the emotional maturity to be able to independently choose a dating partner suited for him and be committed and maintain a healthy relationship.

    I acknowledge that there are emotionally capable and highly independent youths who may be able to juggle all these things while keeping up with schoolwork. Dating may also provide youths with a support system apart from parents and friends, And give them the opportunity to discover his love language and learn how to care for another. This may prepare them for more serious relationships as adults.

    However, It is highly impossible that the majority of youths are emotionally capable and independent. They may not even be able to maintain a healthy romantic relationship, Failing to reap the benefits of dating. In worst case scenarios, They may be traumatized from their dating experience.

    Therefore, My view is that students are young and still immature, Hence should not date while going to school.

  • It might make one mentally unstable

    Dating in school affects students in the sense that if the relationship breaks, The opposite sex will be stressed out mentally. This can cause drag back in his/her academic life. You don't need to date before you get to know someone. You can love. Of course, Love is an unexpected and invited guest. But dating, NO!

  • School is for sudying

    Being in a long term relationship should wait until turning 18 & graduate, You should wait until you get a diploma or a GED to start a long term relationship to save money. It's a complete waste of time & money to start long term relationships too soon, You end up going to each others houses and have sex before marriage when you know it's wrong to do it outside of marriage. You should only have sex by wearing a condom, Without it is risky & can result in teen pregnancy at a young age. When going to dances, Just have a dance partner, But don't be in a relationship until after you graduate.

  • The school is for learning not for flirting.

    They should not date in school because the school is an institution for learning, Not for flirting. Ang iba dyan daw si mga bilat kiahang, Gadali, Gakatol gid haw. Lihog pugongpugong kay the school does not teach how to be a prostitute, There is no course in college bs or ab in dating major in flirting minor in pakatol.

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