Should students be allowed to decide what subjects are taught in school

Asked by: lotrellkomenee
  • Totally agree man

    Because Most of the students are learning the subjects that are needed for the world and many of the subjects who are teaching has been in a traditional way without take into account their interests likes and dislikes what lkind of Activities they want to learn for consecuently be part of a world with to many things for discover

  • Yes, The choice should be theirs.

    High school should be a time of exploration, It is a teenagers opportunity to figure out their personality, Find out what activities they like, And this is the same case for what they are interested in. If we allow teenagers to choose what their courses are, We are opening them up to a world of new things and then the next step would be for them to use that opportunity to figure out what they like. Because now they are taking courses that gain their interest, Learning would be more efficient, And it will lead them on the right path for what they want to pursue in the future.

  • I agree that students should be able to decide what subject they get taught because:

    Us students should be able to choose their own subjects because it would prepare us better for the real world. Students would have more motivation to learn and come to school if they were given the opportunity to choose their own subjects instead of required to take certain classes in order to graduate

  • Basic required courses are needed

    Schools need to have the basic 4 classes, English, Math, History and science. There are other courses that are offered that are electives that can teach students certain skills such as music, Industrial arts, Computer tech, Electronics and others. The basic core classes are the skills that are taught that can help them excel in the electives that are offered.

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DiegoArcoz says2020-05-12T01:26:55.203
I agree kind of some subjects have to be mandatory, Like science, History, Maths and languages. However the rest have to be choosen by the student because there are many classes that many students are not into, Like arts or religion. Secondary classes must be a widely range in order that the student can choose freely, But they need to be very well designed in order to do not have lack of "learning" into classes.
JuanCa says2020-05-12T01:38:20.170
Education should be a souce of knowledge that leads the student to discover his interests and way to contribute with the world, Although some subjects have to be mandatory, The %70 should be included considering student´s interests and specific population.

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