• Students should be allowed to eat in class

    Students can’t concentrate on their studies when they are hungry. They often tend to keep glancing at the clock. If they are allowed to suck on candy or chew on gum, they might be able to focus more on their work than the time. The worst part is the 5 minutes before lunch. It’s always the last five minutes that seem to go by so slowly. At that point, their eyes never leave the clock. This means, no work gets done.

  • The Seneca Diaries

    Yes, they should. Respect is one thing, but since being hungry is a form of physical pain I don't see at all why children should have to bear physical pain to show someone respect. To avoid as much physical pain as possible for everyone is (at least to me) one of the most important things, and arguments like messing up computers (which computers?) are tenuous at best.

    At my college we are allowed to eat in lectures. No one ever brought crisps, even though the 'no' side implies it's like the only food that exists. The amount of ants is not any higher than it was back in my school days, where we weren't allowed to. And not only are children better concentrated when their stomachs don't turn inside out, but back in our class it was common to sneak out of class to "visit the bathroom" when you would just leave the room to eat. Will this help you learning? Maybe not. Do you care what Seneca wrote into his diary 2000 years ago when you're hungry? Nope.

    As a side note: I don't get this "students have to be 100% focused" thing at all. Personally, in school I was hardly 10% of the time even listening. Everyone I know was...
    Having had compulsory Latin for six years, which is completely vain in almost every possible future, taking a bite from my sandwich every now and then was what kept me fairly sane after all.

  • An Opinion from a Student

    I'm a student, and let me tell you, I get very hungry during class. School starts very early and lunch is very late, so sometimes, I get so hungry I can hardly concentrate on class. Me and my friends bring in healthy snacks such as granola bars, dry cereals, and other things.
    Kids should be aloud to eat during class. People tell us that eating distracts us from our school work, but does it really? Or does is help us focus and fuel our brain?

  • Just clean up afterwards

    I think students should be able to eat in their classrooms. Sometimes they may miss breakfast, or they may just feel hungry during the class period. I don't think this should be a problem for peckish kids in the classroom. The reason, I think, that teachers don't allow students to eat in classrooms is for two reasons; students may not clean up afterwards, and/or they might let their munching interrupt their learning or the lesson. As long as students eat quietly and respectfully while maintaining focus on the lesson, and remember to clean up afterwards, I think they should be allowed to eat in the classroom.

  • I can answer yes, while clearly saying no.

    Students get hungry during school, that is an indubitable yes.
    When people are hungry, there become issues such as distractions, the inability to fully focus, sometimes even a discomfort or pain as an extreme. Quoted from a MD U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan in a statement "When students are hungry and distracted, they're not learning."

    I believe that she is absolutely, 100% correct. The reason is because that speaking from my own individual experience and observations from peers around me as a current high school student. Being hungry really does distract you in some cases. My solution to this is provide a simple, nutritional breakfast such as a sandwich, milk, and fruit. Following that would be a period in class (Assume you are in a 4, 90 minute long divided day with a 30 minute lunch break in the middle.) where you are able to freely eat a small snack or sandwich. This period could be within the first ten minutes of your second period class or last ten minutes of your first period class.

    With that, you should be fine to last out the rest of the day. You have a breakfast, you have a snack (such as a sandwich packed in a small Ziploc bag, or bag of pretzels.), and you have a lunch. Two fulfilling and nutritional meals, intermixed with a snack to tide over your hunger. That plan will not disrupt class with students eating which in my opinion, allowing students to eat during a class would distract students even further and would be encouraged to eat in class. So I could say yes, but only if the plan is built around a schedule that would decrease any interruption to the education of students. Though when it does introduce a conflict with students as being a distraction, I will have to say no to eating in class.

  • Students Should Be Allowed To Eat In Class

    This is so because many times, students won't have breakfast and then their stomach will start growling and that disrupts the class. In addition to that, it is bad to skip breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day, and it provides you with energy, and you want to have energy in class.

  • Yes, look at health problems!

    I have hypoglycemia and know from personal experience that if I wasn't able to eat during class, I would get anywhere from dizzy/having a headache to fainting. If I wasn't allowed to eat in class, this is what would happen to me. So I say yes to allowing students to eat!

  • I love food

    I believe there shall be a designated snack time where students can quench their hunger. I don't think students should be able to eat or chew gum at any time as it can become distracting and time wasting. Students still should have snack and the snack should be relatively healthy. It is very hard to concentrate and work on an empty stomach! TEEHEE

  • Good time use.

    If everyone eats during class, there would be less breaks. Meaning more could be learned in a day. I mean yeah it can be kind of noisy, but I have noticed my teachers eating while we are working. I mean, come on, can you imagine what it's like to already be hungry then to see someone eating. Daedalus curse.

  • They definitely should!

    Some kids don't have time in the morning to eat, so eating on the go, or in this case, class gives them time to fill up. Studies have shown that kids who haven't eaten are less likely to pay attention during class, or stay on topic. Some teachers eat in class too, it's the same concept!

  • It is not far!!!!!!!!

    If you bring food to school and not share, it won't be far to the other kids. Maybe you just sneak food into the class with out the teacher knowing. If you bring snacks into the class and you leave food every were, the class will be full of mice, and ants, or even bugs. So that is what i would say. DON'T ALLOW KIDS TO HAVE FOOD IN THE CLASS. Sometimes they can have it not all the time.

  • No students shouldn't be allowed to eat during the lesson!

    First of all, the child can not be concentrated on his or her studying the child will be thinking about his or her burger or whatever they have during the lesson ! When teacher explains students should take some notes! He or she wont have time to take notes as he or she eating her or his meal! And also do u think it is respectful to teacher???? No of course it would be really annoying if i saw someone eating while i am teaching something !

  • Should students be allowed to eat and drink during class?

    Some kids don't have time in the morning to eat so eating on the go or in this case class gives them time to get full. And in fact it is proven that eating and chowing helps retain more information. Kids who haven't eaten are less likely to pay attention during class so then not the results of that are beater grades and a hire average in general. Haley Campbell 3

  • No way hosay

    Lets say a student eats in class time and a bit spills. No probs right the cleaner will clean it. WRONG cleaners are not our personal slaves, they are only here to clean floors and toilets.

    Also (as others have said) it is very disrespectful to a teacher to eat while he/she is trying to do their job. If a teacher is speaking put everything down and LISTEN.

    Some people may say that it helps their energy levels. But it actually sometimes gets your energy too high and you wont be able to stay still for even 1 minute let alone learn anything.

    Thanks for readind BBBYYYEEE :)

  • Nooooooooooo i mean ittttttt!

    It is very rude to eat while a teacher is trying to teach a class IF YOU ARE ROOD YOU WILL FAIL JUST A TIP BECAUSE I DID . It distracts students when they are trying to learn something and a student is smoking or something . I would like to learn how to do something without people smacking and disrupting us when we try to work

  • Rubbish left in class

    Firstly I would like to say that it is a fact that so many schools around the world are ending up looking like dumps because of students eating in classes during breaks and also during lessons. The reason being is that students are too LAZY to get off their seats and go to the rubbish bin and put their scraps in the bin and in hoping that someone else would do it for them. I would think that they wouldn't do this at home, just at school because they would know that the cleaners or the caretaker would pick it up after them. One high school teacher says “ It can result in messes and liabilities for the school and for the students.

  • No, they should not.

    Eating in class is disruptive not only to the teacher(s), but also the surrounding students. Moreover, eating is also a distraction; how do you focus on eating and learning at the same time? Even though food is crucial for students to learn, I feel that students should know better and instead have their meals before class starts; in other words, they should not be given a chance to eat in class - after all, it is their own fault for not eating.

  • It runs on

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  • Eating and drinking in the classroom harms us all

    Eating& drinking in class has become an epidemic despite copious signage& registration documents declaring the prohibition of bringing food or drink into the classroom. It has become so pervasive that any who seek compliance are immediately vilified. We find ourselves trapped in an unrealistic conversation that pits personal rights& freedoms against some imaginary onerous set of rules. Part of maturation is learning to control yourself, learning to prepare, learning to study effectively &time management. Failure to do any or all of these things will make you late, leave you dirty, unkempt, hungry, inattentive& unprepared. These personal failures &the resulting discomforts are just part of the learning mechanism of personal growth& maturation. The cost of these failures need not be born or discussed even by the herd. There are many biological functions that are inappropriate in the classroom environment.
    The failed attempt to stir up convincing& persuasive conversation about this matter escapes me because there is NO point to be made. It is reminiscent of the driver who insists that he MUST text& drive or take that all important call whilst holding the cell phone to his mouth or ear while behind the wheel of a 3000+lb moving vehicle in traffic. There is simply nothing here to discuss. I would suggest that we resist being drawn into any conversation that assumes eating& drinking in the classroom is a right. Such is an abuse of the term& serves only as a distraction &an unwarranted resetting of logical long held tenons. The rustling of chip or snack bags, crunching of plastic water bottles, intense smells of coffees or energy drinks &the sounds of chewing, crunching& celebratory quenching of thirst followed by gratuitous belching are more than enough to be convincing to anyone actually there for the lecture. These sounds &smells ring out across the quiet contemplative classroom &echo like no other. Like Pavlov's dogs we respond or work hard to mask our response to these prompts. Any dog or cat owner knows that their pet responds to the slightest sound of the food bag rustling as do we.
    I have never ever been in a school that allows eating or drinking in the classroom. As for any male over 50 with enlarged prostate issues, the urge to relieve oneself can be easily triggered by these aforementioned violations thereby transforming the classroom environment into a virtual urinary hell. I cannot describe what it is like to cringe in your seat or bat your knees with less that 10 min left in a lecture because rule breaking students cannot control their urges during the lecture in deference to posted rules. It truly is a torment even to contemplate entering a classroom with little or no control of students with little or no control of their urges to eat& drink openly in the classroom. This issue is huge& reflective of failed home training, parental oversight &the glut that is a sweltering of an entitled& permissive society. Freedom does not equate to NO RULES.

  • Students should not be allowed to eeat food during class hours

    If a student is eatng during a class it could distract and disturb others with noisy crunches and al that food smells that could make the other students get attracted to it so if she/he is chewing a gum or drinking a juice ( not water , its ok ) or maybe eatng crrunchy cheesie cheetos it might seem rude ! If the teacheer is teaching you should be paying attention towards it its not fine just eating while the teacher is teachng and if it is a school with payig fees , it mmight be wasting money for your parents for eating instead of paying attention to the lesson or whatever your teacher is having so i say no its better to wait for the luh break and thats all you can like take it ! I mean there is no one that died for like 7 hrs because didnt eat food we can live 4 days without food think about the poor children think about the homeless people it wont be fair f children will be eating during class hours

    by abby

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