• Students get hungry

    Some students get hungry in class and can't help that. They need some food in their system or they want be able to function properly in class. The more you get hungry and don't eat you start starving and can't do things like normally. Watch what your student is doing or if you trust them just let them eat and make sure they don't leave a mess if they do just have them to clean it up.

  • Kids should be allowed

    I think that kids should be allowed to eat during class because it will help them stay alert and focused. I am an eighth grade student who instead of paying attention, complains about being hungry. Hunger is a horrible distraction and if the chewing gets that bad then the teacher can reprimand that person.

  • It helps you stay energized.

    Eating in school can help sleepy people stay awake in order for better learning. It helps focus too it's actually making me hungry now and it's getting harder to focus with a stomach growling at me. It can also make people feel welcome and help interaction between kids in school.

  • Go snacks Go!

    Kids should be able to have the chance to eat a snack if they are hungry. Allergies aren't really a problem because in the beginning of the year my teacher asked who has allergies. We can't bring those snacks. Now i said they should have a chance. If there are trash or some BIG mishap then u can stop snacks because that i totally understandable. In my class we are an advanced pair so we are trusted and smart enough to take responsibility. Our teacher also was smart enough to ask about allergies. You've got to admit, sometimes u get so hungry u think u'll be ill.

  • I am with eating in class.

    I agree this idea because a lot of students need more intention in class if we banned that they becomes worried and thinks more foe how they can rat then they forget the classes . So if we develop them to take their food and eat they become more power and give us more energy and help us in activating the class.

  • I consider that students should be allowed to eat in class

    Students that suffer from diabetes and anemia need to eat in between classes. Athletes needs the nutrion be energized and healthy. People can make schedules in between breakfast and lunch the students will mentally focused and physically active. When that time to eat is over tell the students to pick trash up and if they don't pick it up you don't let them eat in the class anymore.

  • Students won't be hungry

    Sometimes students don't get to have breakfast because they are rushing to get ready for school. Then they will be hungry in class which will make the students feel uncomfortable. Also it will be fun for students to eat in class to make class more fun. So let students eat in class

  • Yes, of course

    18, Senior AABR. Students like myself, believe that we should be able to eat in class. Especially in the morning, sometimes it takes us god knows HOW long to get to school but it TAKES a while. I kid you not, it's harder for all of us if we don't get to eat our breakfast in the morning. What if we can't make it to school on time? What if it takes us too long to get here and we got the chance to get some sort of Wawa, or Dunkin Donut since we were already gonna be late due to a bus, etc. I think it's a good idea to eat in class, as long as they're quiet and paying attention. I wouldn't get mad or tell my students to put it away because I would understand, and I'm sure teachers understand too. Don't forget you were just like us too.

  • We should be allowed to eat in class

    Because it gives kids more energy for class and helps them pay attention on a busy day. Plus, if some people are on a diet or in sports they need to keep persistent in eating. Although, I think eating in class should be a privilege
    , not a right for students.

  • Yes yes yes

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  • Distractions cause learning lose

    If you're chowing down a Big Mac, you probably aren't focusing that much. Students should give near-round 100% of their focus. This can be analogized with the question, "should students allowed to text in class?" Simply put, no. Why? Because it's a distraction. Never the less, if a student is hungry, by the way he/she should have eaten at lunch/ breakfast/snacking periods, then he/she should be allowed to munch on a snack that's easy to handle; like a granola bar. Why that is because being hungry can focus your attention on what it is, being hungry. This can contradict the effective on the intentions of laying the rule of not eating in class. So, like texting, you constantly think about it (probably). So whether or not they lay down this rule, it doesn't much deter them from the act.

  • It is rude for a start

    Kids need to be paying attention to the teacher in class, if they are eating not only are they more focused on that but other kids may be sitting back with their own mouths watering not paying attention either.

    Kids these days seem to think they need to eat all the time. In the old days if a kid said 'I'm hungry' the parent would say wait for lunch or dinner and we didn't have the same obesity problems that we have now.

    If they have no time to eat then we need to teach them more organisational skills.

  • Itś a bad idea

    Because it can cause roaches and the kids can leave food on the floor and we can step on it and it can get stuck on our shoes and we can get food stuck i the computers and messes up the keys.It can also produce ant and we might get bit and some people are allergic to them.


  • If they get hungery

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  • TIme management skills

    Learn how to plan your day accordingly and eat before or after class. Don't be eating in class and be a distraction to the Professor or other students. Because it's a distraction he/she should have eaten at lunch/ breakfast prior to the start of class. That way they can make it through class. If they have no time to eat then they need to learn more organizational skills.

  • People who say yes are idiots

    Its distracting and not a good idea because kids would not be focused on the teachers, because they would be eating. There would be much more talking going on. If students are hungry during class, they should get up a few minutes earlier to eat a big enough breakfast to satisfy their hunger until lunch. Students are also very irresponsible and would make messes and leave trash in the room.

  • Students shouldn't eat during class

    1) If you're sharing your food with your friends, you may get sick and sickness will spread
    2) That's what lunch time is for. People will get fat and unhealthy
    3) It's annoying. Some people have misophonia. Believe me, I think my cousin has it. She stares at me sometimes when I'm eating and she would smack me. Noisy eating would be a distraction and I wouldn't be able to focus if someone is ripping opening their bag of Cheetos and smacking their lips during the process. What if your friend says "Hey gimme some" and then more people ask? It's rude to eat while the teacher is talking, and it will annoy others as well. I get free education here in America and I don't want someone distracting me
    4) Some students have allergies. You have to get a teacher who would be responsible and ask everyone who has allergies
    5) It's dirty; some students would leave their trash on the floor. Students don't have responsibility. I already see enough gum stuck under the desks
    6) It can be multi-tasking. Eating while doing your assignment. Nuh-uh. Multi-tasking can get two things done in time, but it will lower your attention
    7) If they're still allowed to eat, they should do it before class or after class when they get a break.

    Posted by: Riru
  • It's extremely annoying!

    I'm a student and its so annoying to hear people chomping on chips, ripping open bags, or smacking their lips. I pay a lot of money for my classes and I don't want to be distracted by people's noises while I am trying to learn. Anyone who has had a job has had to wait for their lunch break. It is possible to wait. If youre really paying attention than you won't be thinking about how hungry you are.

  • Students shouldn't be able to eat in class because of various reasons.

    I am a student myself, and I still discourage classroom snacking. For one, it may disturb the class. Loud chewing can disturb or irritate others and can be a nuisance to the teacher who is trying to teach. Secondly, snacking can affect those with allergies, the most common allergy being peanuts. The National Peanut Board (yes, that is a real thing) shows that 4-6% of school-age children have peanut allergies. They also state that peanuts are usually food within foods. Also, snacking during class can be extremely rude. Again, it may disturb the teacher with loud crunching or smacking. It also can be rude to others. They may not be able to focus on what they are doing and instead be listening to loud eating noises.
    Many people say that eating in class is a necessity, because some people don't eat breakfast. That doesn't encourage classroom snacking, it encouraged eating breakfast. So HA to those who think so.

  • Can create a mess

    Eating in class may create a mess. Many students may be eating a candy or chips, but they usually leave it behind or they miss the trashcan and never pick it up. Most of them will spill their snack on the floor and if possible, there might be a bug infestation. Therefore, eating in class should not be allowed

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