• Patience is a virtue, But students are many ages.

    Do I think elementary students should get tattoos? No. Middle-schoolers? Even worse. High-schoolers? Well, They're young afults at a certain point. In my opinion, When it becomes legal for someone to do something, As long as that thing is not causing a legitimate issue, The school has no right to stop it or say it isn't allowed. I get that they can be distracting, But have you ever been to a high school? Everything is distracting, But more than that, If high school is meant to prepare students for real life, Why baby them? If they can be drafted of drive a motor vehicle, Let them get tattoos. Most artists won't tattoo someone if they don't think the tattoo is a good idea. Any self-respecting tattoo artist I know won't tattoo anyone under 21 unless they know them some other way, And wouldn't do a face tattoo or neck tattoo on anyone who wasn't already covered. Not everybody wants to be a doctor, And everybody makes mistakes. Whether the tattoo is one, Or its meant to be an artful tribute, It is the student's choice, And tough luck to anyone who doesn't like or can't handle it.

  • Yes, Students should be able to get tattoos.

    I think if schools make a big deal about tattoos being "distracting", Then it's more distracting than just leaving it be. Let kids express themselves. Do not judge them or tell them they're going to hell just because they decorated their temple. All sins are equal in the eyes of the Lord (even judging others) and all sins are forgiven, It says so in the bible.

  • L think tattos are not harmful

    Beacause tattos don`t kill people and don`t hurt people
    l think tattos are cool and look nice but l will not do it when l become an adult beacausev my mother will not like it and hate it very much
    l will not do it
    and l like tattos bye

  • I see both sides but i say yes

    Because if they want to get a tattoo then who are we to stop them. We have no place to tell them yes or no to getting tattoos because there is nothing we can do to stop them, nor should there be. If they want to get tattoos then let them. Its there body, not ours.

  • I don't see why not

    I don't even see how people could say no for a Christian reason, a Catholic preacher I once knew had religious tattoos as a way to show his faith, I guess. Therefore, that argument is pretty outdated, tattoos run no health risks and as for regretting getting the tattoo, that's their problem anyways, not yours.

  • Yes, of course. Why should anyone oppose.

    I think yes for sure ANYONE can get a tattoo. I am not a big fan of tattoos and I will never make one but am not opposed in anyway to anyone getting a tattoo. It's their free choice to have one or not to have one. As long as there is no physical or health hazards, then it is absolutely fine. But why is this pointed toward students? Is it for the implication that they are young that they cannot make such a decision? If there parents agree and they want to, well they can do whatever the hell they want. Schools, universities or any other educational system should not get involved in anyway to what the students do in their private life.

    I think the only opposition would come from religious people, that the human body should be honored and tattoos are degrading. But if you don't want to have a tattoo, like me, then don't. If others want to, then they should do whatever they want. So if students want to get a tattoo it's their conscious choice and are allowed to.

  • NO this is rediculous

    Why do people think its okay to have tattoos!!

    Dear anonymous person who said she got a tattoo for something beauthiful... First of all if you see how tattoos look at the end, its gross. And second jesus never created our bodies for them to be tatted on. What is your meaning with putting that tattoo on. What are you trying to get with that tattoo.. Honestly.. People who get tatts are obviously going to try to defend tattings. I know many people who got tattoos and regreted getting them.. Soo yea.. Dont try and say your tattoo has a good meaning,... If there was a good meaning there was no point of putting on you body. Every ones body is like a sacred temple of jesus, and unfortunately many people dont see it like that.. Thats all i wanted to say!

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