Should students be allowed to have cell phones in school?

  • They really should

    Students need phones for emergencies. If the child got sick and the school did not have any phone numbers they could call for them then how would the parents know that the child was sick. I know from experience of how this feels. That is part of the reason why I have a phone at school now.

  • Yes they should

    In a research document students are reported for 65% of students to bring them anyway no matter the bans there are on them. In the case that the distract students, well they distract teachers too, thats why they take them up. I mean come on what if its and emergency

  • Yes they bloody should

    Kids will die without a phone. They need to have contact with parents and for emergency uses. If they go off in class it’s not distracting at all, wow there was a noise for 3 seconds big deal. They are often used for research in class or to just simply check the time.

  • They Can Contact People Easily

    Children should be allowed to have phones in school, just maybe not in class. Some may argue that it could be distracting, but it would be much easier for parents and kids to contact each other if the phone was with the student. If there was an emergency or if the child got sick, would the parent be more likely to pick up an unknown number from the school or a number they know from their kid's phone?

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  • Yes to can safe life's

    There might be a emergency so they can call the police fast and they can call there parents in a emergency to say there ok and in a emergency they have to evacuate the building so if there no phone in the building just just bring a sellphone with you

  • Certainly, students should be allowed to have cell phones in school.

    Both students and teachers alike agree that cell phones could be used for safety purposes. For example; Parkview Elementary School in Columbia, Illinois, had a state police colonel work with them to launch a smartphone App. This App automatically (with the push of a button) could call 911, alert the Hero911 network of any on and off duty police officers within 10 miles of the school (from any agency), and send a map to every teacher and police officer alerted to where the alert came from. Comparison tests were held with a fake shooter and some teacher and police volunteers. One test using the App and the other not. The second time around (using the App) more than 3/4 of the school was saved, compared to 1/4 during the first test. This costs $2,500 for the entire district the first time around, and an additional $100 every month. That's less than 1/2 penny per student, per district, in most districts. All in all, one thing is clear; cell phones in school are a good, life saving idea.

  • Let them have it.

    Students should be allowed cell phones in school. If there is an emergency, they have a way to contact parents and the authorities. We don't want Sandy Hook to ever happen again. Even if the phones are the track phones, children need to get in contact with someone if there is something wrong.

  • Yes the should

    It will help the parents keep track of their children in school. If the student gets sick the student could call their parent to pick him or her up from school and take him or her to the doctor. If there was a shooting at that student's school that student coul call 911 to get help.

  • No it shouldnt

    This is because it can easily distract a student .They can play games listen to music or take pictures of the teachers and post it online which is quite disrespectful.We surely know that about 90% of the students will not use phones only for calling.And which school doesnt have a phone to call the parent if the child is sick.?Ofcourse every school has it.So it is better if cell phones are not allowed

  • Guy's just nooooooooooooooooo

    No cell phone ok cell phone needd to be band from school because think that cellphone are just distraction att school's and that teacer should take cellphone that they see away and gave it back to the the end off the day WE SHOU BAND CELL PHONE NOW PLEASE ...

  • You're all wrong

    Kids should not have cell phones in school, if it rings it cause distractions. And if it's their parents calling them then the kid will be talking it will makes kids having a hard time if they have it in, library's students wont be be able to read because of the cell phone. And if it's on during the FCAT or FSA The child will get a 0 on the FSA or FCAT!

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