Should students be allowed to have earphones in while working?

  • Yes it should be allowed

    Students tend to get distracted easily In a classroom full off all their friends, however if they was allowed access to their earphones they wouldn't get so distracted. They would be so concentrated on whatever it is they're listening to that they would be calmer. Therefore the calmer the student the more work that gets completed and its completed to a higher standard

  • They should be allowed.

    I, as a student, personally think that we should be allowed to wear headphones while we are doing individual work. I noticed that when my classmates are listening to music while working everyone is focused on their work and nobody is talking or making noise. Whereas when we are not allowed to wear headphones people get bored and often start talking with other people. This does not only stop people talking from focusing on their work, but it also distracts the ones who are actually trying to concentrate.

  • Students SHOULD be allowed to have earphones in while working

    Earphones are multi-purposeful. Whether they are used to increase the volume of a video for a student who has trouble hearing, reduce distracting noises that come with the absence of headphones, or to alleviate anxiety through music, earphones play important roles inside and outside of the classroom. Some would say that music is a form of free speech and if that liberty was taken away, many would classify that as a violation of the Constitution.

  • Headphones= good idea

    First of all, headphones while doing school work is an excellent idea. Music does help students concentrate more while either doing a quick ditto, or just writing down notes. I, myself do use headphones in some classes and while I'm listening to music i tend to do better on tests.

  • This gets a conditional approval on principle, with serious practical considerations

    As vee.Ann24 shared, everyone learns differently, and, where possible, we should naturally attempt to accommodate each person's optimal approach to learning.

    However, there are other considerations. For example, what if it is demonstrable that a certain student learns better without headphones, but he insists he still wants to wear them? Should he be allowed, even if it is not in his best interest? Similarly, headphones may be distracting to other members of the class. It may be difficult in practice to defend allowing some students to use headphones while others may not, or to defend them at all if they distract even one student.

    Also, research would seriously have to consider whether or not it is worthwhile for all people to learn to persevere in less than ideal conditions, especially where attention span and learning are concerned. Allowing children to be too comfortable may ultimately handicap them.

    Still, as long as practical concerns can be addressed reasonably and elegantly, in principle this gets a yes.

  • Everyone is different..

    Some people find outside noises as distractions. They can't concentrate on their work while hearing cars outside honking, or a dog barking, or other loud noises. Lots of times, certain songs can help a young person to block everything else out and focus on one thing. I, personally, am one of these people. If I have my music playing, I can focus on my work, while not worrying about my surroundings. So yes, kids who can use it to focus should be allowed to wear them while working.

  • The Tragedy of Earphones / Earbuds

    Divided attention is never a good thing for the promotion of academic comprehension, academic synthesis, or academic critical thinking. Just as it has been proven that playing the radio or having extra passengers in a motor vehicle dramatically increases the chances of driver error and collision, it is also painfully evident that listening to music or other media while attempting scholarly activities inhibits the level of proficiency in the completion of those activities.
    Music is wonderful and it certainly has its place in the minds and hearts of those who appreciate it in large degree. Nevertheless, to enjoy anything to the detriment of other faculties and achievements is a tragedy indeed.

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