Should students be allowed to leave school during lunch time?

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  • Out For Lunch Please

    Even though I am going to be a 10th grader next year, I still would like it if 9th graders could go out for lunch! I know that sitting in a chair hungry or watching as others get a chance to do what you can't can be uneasy! Constitution High school is working on making that bill possible ! #ConHigh #Equality

  • My school allows it and here's the reason why!

    Basically my school is allowed to go out at lunch, but only KS4! They think KS3 are too young which is true. They let us go out because they trust us, and that's what a school is meant to have, trust! But we do have rules too, we must be back on time, be sensible and we only have 3 chances as a year group! If you mess up those 3 chances then your year is not allowed out at lunch times anymore for the end of that periodic year!

    The reason they also allow us t go out is because, they feel that as staff they think we should be able to get some freedom during school times. Obviously not class time, but lunch time! They don't allow us to however go out at break, this is because break is short and no one would go anyway because there's not enough time anyways!

    I strongly agree that students should be allowed to go out at lunch times. It also allows us students to be independent too!

    Well basically I chose different options to my friends, and I never get to see them! Lunch is the only time when I can be free and alone with my friends and have privacy! Rather than young year 7's listening in on what we have to talk about!

    I think that what everyone needs to understand whether you agree or disagree is that, every year were growing up! And every teacher, parent and staff want every child to be independent and I think that being able to go out of school premises at lunch time is a great way to prove and show that to everyone who believes in us out there!

  • because we could gain more freedom and responsibility.

    I don't think we should leave because its wrong and someone could die or get raped or harmed in any way. But the schools job is to protect you while you are there so we shouldn't leave but kids want to and the teachers other job is to give the student what they want. :)

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    Yes, students should be allowed to leave campus for lunch because it allows them to not only practice responsibility, but it also gives them a wider variety of food, and freedom. Most schools claim to have a more nutritional meal for kids, but truly they are serving the same types of food you can find at a regular fast food restaurant. Not only do the meals taste unappetizing at school, but some are also more expensive than something you can buy at a fast food restaurant.

  • We need a break from the school.

    I think kids should be allowed to leave school during lunch because we deserve to have some privileges in school but we're treated like prisoners 7 hrs a day 5 day a week for 9 months, actually it should be a right to leave the school during lunch, i mean teachers do it all the time how do you think kids feel?

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  • Of course they should!

    Sure I get that most parents would definitely say no but that's because they don't trust their kids. This could be a chance for the children to prove that they are responsible enough to leave school and come back on time.

    Not only would you be testing how responsible your child is, But the drivers in the area. They will pay more attention to make sure they don't injure any students and less crashes will happen due to the fact that they are more aware of their surroundings.

  • Students should not be able to leave school during the lunch hours.

    First of all, it is safer to stay at school rather than leave just for lunch. From being around kids all the time, I am pretty sure those kids are going to rush out of the school as fast as possible. They would go, get lunch, and then finish eating early. So what do they do? They start to mess around. In some cases, they would want to do something bad, like vandalize a wall, or something dangerous, like smoke weed or marijuana. But, one thing every kid knows is that they can never smoke in the school. The school keeps most kids in line and on the right path.
    Second of all, the student needs their education so, that way, they have a chance to be successful in life. With an education, you can become anything that you want to be, but you have to work towards it. For example, if you want to become a doctor, you must go to high school then college. When you get to college, you have to get your degree in doctoring. That doesn’t come easy. If a child leaves during the lunch hour, depending on what type of person they are, they might not even come back. This prevents them from learning what they need to learn so that way they can succeed.
    Finally, the school lunch is very healthy, although it may not seem that way. More than half the time, they would serve vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, and sometimes even spinach. If kids leave the school, they would most likely eat unhealthy. They would never buy something that would benefit them, health-wise. They would most likely head straight to their regular extra-large, extra cheesy cheese burger or their bacon egg and cheese from the corner store. They are one course straight towards either a heart attack or they are clogging their arteries without them even knowing! Most of them know the risks, but they just don’t care.
    I know that some people might say that leaving the school teaches the child responsibility, but what about the risks? Of course, kids need a variety of food and they do need to learn responsibility, but they also need to be safe. Especially in college, by that time, kids would probably have their driver’s license. If they leave campus to go to their favorite fast food store and they are rushing, they would have the tendency to start speeding. This is extremely dangerous because if the student gets into an accident while going 75 miles per hour on a 60 mile per hour road, they have an 85% chance of dying. But if they stay in the school during lunch, they would be much safer because they will not be in a car while on campus. In addition, for school lunch, you pay much less than you do at a fast food restaurant. This way, you save more money so you can buy things you need pertaining to your education.

  • Because they can lose track of time

    They can lose track of time you don't know were they are they can be kidnapped or hurt extremely lot and go to the hospitlel and they can get killed. They can also go home alone or go to a really fancy restrount.
    This is why you should not let kids out dourig school time.

  • Drugs is bad

    Students leaving for lunch could go do bad things such as drugs. Drugs is so easy to get and if students have the chance to go out for lunch they can g and do drugs and even bring drugs to school and start selling. Don't you think of our kids future ? You guys should think twice only if you are okay with your child doing drugs

  • Deadly Lunch for you?

    It is really risky to go out on your own. Like last year, there are over a hundred thousands of car accidents, and come on, isn't that a LOT? I really doubted the safety of it. I would really like everyone to pay attention to that, it is especially important.

  • No, no, no!

    Students should not be able to leave property for many reasons.

    seriously, has anyone heard of allergies? If someone is walking by a restaurant and they are allergic to peanuts, what if the restaurant serves them and the guy get a whiff?

    Limited lunch time
    some schools only have like 45 minutes, which is most likely not enough time

    if the student does something that is made public, it puts a bad image on the school

    bullying- if a student isn't allowed to go out for lunch because she/he doesn't have money, that student could get bullied

  • Because ya know... "Yolo"

    Students (gr 6's at my school) Are very swaggy and yoloy these days and would probably not pay attention to their surroundings and could get hurt. HUGE LIABILITY for most schools. Imagine being a parent and thinking your child is at school, just to get a call that they got hurt- off campus.

  • I am a highschool student (we would call it secondary school here)

    The healthier option is to eat at school, less time consuming, less litter dropped in town, residents surrounding school would be happier that litter is not being disposed of in their garden, it would be better if schools opened small stalls within the grounds to sell foods. If schools didn't waste money on useless stuff i.E buying motivation posters and etc, because we expect things to be done for us. If they expanded an outdoor seating plan as well this will lessen congestion on the inside queues and allow students to have a variety of foods as well. So they would not be wasting money on junk food and/or providing the means to disrupt surrounding areas such as throwing food onto the roads so birds get hit by cars, leaving litter behind just when they finish their food by simply letting go. As adult as we want to be and seem to look, we are still not since that is the reason we are in education.

  • Why students shouldn't be aloud to leave school for lunch.

    Why I think is why I say know is because of mainly safety reasons. For middle school kids most of there parents have to work in the afternoon, so how are they going to get to and from the restaurant.
    If the kids leave who's to say they'd come back. Most of the kids would ether ditch or be late to class

  • No way !

    Student, intend to be irresponsible and they might never come back. Also, how are we supposed to know if, they are running down the street crashed by a car or kidnap by people or WALKING STRAIGHT HOME.Also, the student sometimes is clueless and might get hurt. So, I don't think that student should be allowed to go out for lunch.

  • Why kids should not leave for lunch

    Yes kids might want to eat something else but that nasty cafteira food but leaving is just to much risk because if they want to get back to class in time they would have to drive super fast and might crash or they might get kidnapped and no one knows where they went that is why we should not have kids leave campus for lunch

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