Should students be allowed to listen to music during exams?

  • It helps me concentrate

    When I listen to music it helps me concentrate on what I’m doing. If I’m cleaning I listen to music if I’m playing any sort of game I listen to music doing home work I listen to music whenever I’m doing anything I listen to music even when I’m walking

  • Yes It can be focusing to people

    Yes music can help you on tests, Because it opens up the part of the brain called the long-term memory, Which can help you focus on the problem that you are working on. The teacher can play the music if everyone is thinking that they are cheating. You can also play music that does not have words so you can stay focused on the problem on hand. There is a scientific study that music helps you get better grades on tests.
    By a 7th grader

  • It helps a lot!

    There are so many distracting sounds like coughing ,sneezing ,typing ,and going to the next page .To me it helps if you listen to music that is fast and loud well you can have it down a little .What i'm saying is listen to fun music it helps a lot .

  • Because it is scientifically proven that music helps with cleaning,and working.

    But although music sometimes distracts people that I also agree but, still I think kids should listen to music during tests,or exams I mean look at the chart most people are saying kids should listen to music while taking a test,or an exam.So theres my answer thank all of you.

  • Helps you focus

    From my experience, music can block out distractions and help you focus better. Every time you are in a testing environment, there is always something that will divert your attention, like someone coughing, or a pencil falling. Next thing you know, all you can think about is that noise and you zone out for about 5 minutes. With music, you won't hear those noises so easily. Also, a lot of the comments for no were that you can't monitor what the students are listening to, but you can play the music on a speaker. No one said the music had to be played with ear buds. That way, no one gets an unfair advantage.

  • Its relaxing and helps them focus.

    Imagine you are taking a test and all you can hear is rustling paper and/or keyboards clicking. These are just a few easy distractions. But with music you can tune this out and focus more. Plus, if you can´t hear people rustling papers you wont hear when they move on to the next page, you have less of a chance to cheat.

  • Makes them calm

    Feel free cant hear pages moving which means that students wont feel overwhelmed by hearing people changing pages also keeps you awake by smashing a loud ass tune on init. Makes them feel fair due to weird choice of music. Less distracted and more focused obviousness and make them write neater . Make em motivated

  • Yes because it helps the students to relax and do well on the exams.

    If it is relaxing and helps you focus, you will more likely not be put under so much pressure and might do better with a stress free mind and they would be at ease. Exams are never fun, in fact, I will be taking my Mid-Term Exam pretty soon. Tomorrow I believe, though unless if the teacher moves it to another day. If the students are allowed to listen to their music, they will focus more and will not get distracted.

  • Gives students a way to focus

    The testing environment is very quiet and every noise grabs my attention. If I were to use music I could focus my ears to that and the rest of my brain on the test. While I understand the argument that it doesn't set one up for the "real world" but if I can't make it past tests and learn coping mechanisms (which take baby steps) then I can't make it to the "real world"

  • It helps me focus and makes tests more fun

    It helps kids concentrate and it reduces cheating. You cant cheat if you cant hear anything. It relaxes nerves and makes tests less stressful. Dont you think it would help you if you like music and you were taking a big test and you were stressing out, i know i would

  • Whatever next? Being able to 'phone a friend to reduce stress?

    So when they attend a job interview are they going to be expecting to be listening to music while a potential employer attempts to ask them questions? Most, if not all, employers I can think of would take an extremely dim view of an interviewee sitting in an interview with earphones in each ear. If we didn't have this modern technology would we have to provide separate rooms with a radio or record player playing music? Now driving examiners are being told that they have to allow candidates to have the car-radio on while taking a driving test. When will this 'pandering' end? There is a 'real World' out here and spending all one's time with an iPod playing in one's ears is not a part of that World. Schooling is supposed to prepare young people for the adult-world. Resorting to listening to music in potentially difficult situations is NOT a part of the real World.

  • Worst Idea Ever

    I love music. It honestly makes my day time and time again. However, while I personally would enjoy listening to music during a test, it's simply not fair. Opens a huge door for cheating. Simply by recording myself reading facts related to the exam aloud, I could be given a huge advantage.

  • Yes , its a mind relaxing one

    Of course once u hear music it may cause distractions which depends on the style of music u hear but once a calm music is played u get a easy going for the exam and also u have a good mood which will make u feel happy after your examination as it says that u have given your best or had given your best performance for the exam .

  • Not on a standardized exam

    I think music without words playing softly in the background of a classroom would be acceptable but not headphones connected to a device that the proctor can not monitor. Also don't forget...A standardized exam, such as the ACT, SAT, etc., is supposed to be the "same" for all testers. If one group is allowed this it could be construed as an unfair advantage over those that are not allowed.

  • Hard to focus

    If students are listening to music with a lot of lyrics than it will impair their comprehension . That is when silly mistakes like ignoring directions or misreading take place. If it were soothing music with out vocals then I would lean to yes. How many kids do you know that listen to classical music though?

  • Yes, but no.

    The answer to the question is yes. They should be "allowed" to listen to "music"... But no that's realistically not happening. Maybe if they ever decide they're going to spend money buying ipods and filling them up with pre-approved songs or something. Can you listen to the periodic table song while taking the periodic table test? Realistically, it's a waste of time for teachers to monitor all that and ensure no cheating so... No that's not happening.

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