Should students be allowed to listen to music in study hall?

  • Yes unless emergency or school wide announcement

    Students should because honestly teachers are worried about the noise but if kids are listening to music they won't talk to each other just have a rule set that other people or the teacher should not be able to hear it. Also if a student didn’t want to listen to music they don’t have too. Let music be used as the artists intended, To motivate others and let kids listen because if you see a kid sitting there working hard and he’s listening to music and you walk up to him and say hey you can't listen to music that’s going to bum him out and lower his productivity especially if your not going to say anything after.

  • It's stress relieving and relaxing.

    Its comfortable and makes students feel more calm and less stressed while taking a test or doing homework. :) that is my opinion an if any one disagrees well you need some serious help. . . Sorry. Well I need to keep talking so don't mind this last part. Usage his admin

  • Yes we should be allowed

    I think we should be allowed to listen to music during study hall because it can seriously maybe help students study better and focus better. It also can help students relax and occupied faster than without music. They wont have to worry about teachers getting mad at them for listening to music during study hall.

  • I think we should

    Because some not all people can focus with music. Not everyone has friends to talk to. So they should be able to listen to music whenever they want. Some people can handle it but others has it like a distraction. But what im trying to say is let the students listen to music if the students don't work they you take it away.

  • We deserve it

    Im sure if you ask,almost every student would say that they listen to music while doing work at home. In my opinion music is a calming thing- even if its rock..I find it calming when i have something around me that makes my comfortable. I have been writing many essays in school- i think..5 in just two months..At home i can write them quickly but at school i have a hard time because i dont have anything to take away some of the stress

  • It helps them concentrate

    The reason I think that is because students really dont get distracted people just want to get inside your head and make u think that but to be honest it is really relaxing for some of the students others students are just making rumors so don't think that at all💯💯💯🤑👏🏾💪🏾

  • No word music can help then focus

    Students can help themselves by focusing with the Mozart effect. When they are done their work. What are they supposed to do? Just sit their and do nothing. People we need to think. You might get distracted but put on a chill house beat and listen. 👌🏿😎It can help you. Keep you focused. 👍🏿🤑👍🏿

  • Yes they should

    It helps pass time and relax and they can study with music too and teacher don't have to worry about missing homework or other missing work but the do have to take out the earbuds when the teacher is telling the students something important or taking notes then the can put the earbuds back in.

  • Yes, I think they should

    Because music can help pass time if there is nothing else to do. Some kids study better with music too! I think that there is no problem with music in study hall at all! As long as homework is completed and every other requirement is met without a problem. Jf

  • Yes they should

    When students listen to music, it stimulates brain activity and helps students concentrate. Most music helps kids relax and calm down. 4 example, if someone got into an argument with their bff, music could help them calm down and take their minds off the problem or situation at hand. So, students should definitely listen to music in study hall, at school, and while doing homework.

  • No students shouldnt

    Students should not be allowed to listen to their music in the study hall because some students cant facuse with headphones in the ears while doing there work. Many students who have music and listen to it a lot can cause several problems like you can be deaf with listing to the music too loud. And also students should not be allowed to listen to music in the study hall is because students can get late to classes with listing to the music you sometimes dont hear the bell for class.

  • Just dont do it

    You cant focus on your work you start hummin it and then you right rhe lirics down instod of the studding stuff so say no if you want to graduate be smart and do smart say no
    say no say no say no say no say no say no say no

  • No no no

    They can not hear music suring study hall they can distract in in i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i ii i i

  • No nope not at all

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  • No they shoulden't

    Students should not be able to listen to music during a study hall because it will get them distracted from doing their work and plus during a test if the can listen to music they might be able to listen to the answers to the test instead of listening to music.

  • No they should not

    For example, if their is an emergency and someone that has max volume on the headphones can not here what if that person gets stuck in a situation between life and death. No one else is going to risk their life. It is the victim's fault for not paying attention

  • No no no


  • No way poeple

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  • Students should not

    Most students will take advantage of the right and use it to text eachother or try and play vigorous songs. I feel if allowed, students who are testing can listen to music but should not be allowed to play on their phone while doing so. Pick a song or playlist and let it play, so no false cheating accusations will be made, and the student can still enjoy!

  • No no no

    Most students max out the volume on their music devices and distract other students and teachers don't make them turn it down and nobody can concentrate. So so so so not enough words to finish my supporting argument 12 more words, 9 more now, numbers apparently are words now. Done.

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