Should students be allowed to pick their own topics in school?

  • Yes they should.

    Students should most definitely choose their own topics because it encourages them to learn more. Not only this, but the learner will be far more engaged in their learning and take responsibility of their learning experience.

    It also gives teachers an indication of what their students enjoy and they can easily alter their teaching to appeal to the learner. :)

  • Children should have the choose to choose their subjects

    If a child is allowed to read what it likes it'll be a master in its trade rather than a jack of all trades and master of none. We'll then have a society of people who do what they like and they definitely do not do it for money though even money comes as a product. They'll love what they do

  • This makes life easier.

    This could benefit people! Just think about it. People after a certain year/grade could be able to choose their subjects before a test such as GCSE's (or college, depending on what country you live in). Students will be able to personalise learning, doing things that they want to do. If they can, then more will be inspired into learning.

    Education should not be strict, but instead for one to learn what they want to do!

  • Yes, but within reason students should pick their own subjects.

    One of the great things about getting to college is being able to major in what you enjoy and are good at. After certain basics of reading and math are taken care of, students should at least have a bigger say in what they study at all levels of education after about the fourth grade. That will ignite their enthusiasm for learning.

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  • Topics in school should be guided

    Students should not be able to pick their own topics in school. The reason for this opinion is that a guided curriculum gives students the basis of what is essential to a well rounded educational experience. If students are allowed to choose only the topics they desire, it is likely that they will choose courses that they perform well at or have some familiarity with, creating an unbalanced student. As a result, students should have a set curriculum with the option to only choose their own electives.

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