Should students be allowed to pick what they want to learn in school?

  • School should be about learning what is important.

    What can be classified as important? Is it math and reading like we've always been told? Is it music? Is it athletics? The answer isn't the same for everyone because everyone is different. For me, I would love to have theatre, Singing, And dancing classes as musical theatre is my passion and my dream job. However, For an aspiring lawyer, Music classes may seem unappealing. Since life isn't one- size- fits- all, The institution to prepare kids for life shouldn't be either. My school allows for course selection to some extent, And it's great. Though there are classes I would love to take that aren't offered, I don't have to sit through boring coding classes. Instead, I have filled up my schedule with as many music courses as I could (while still meeting the requirements for the 'core' classes). In conclusion, School should allow students to choose their own classes and take learning into their own hands. It's their life, And they should be allowed to pursue the course they dream about.

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Shamayita says2021-01-18T03:42:50.643
Oh yes!

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