Should students be allowed to play games during class?

Asked by: Groundie
  • Yes, they should be allowed to play games

    Yes, they should be allowed to play games at least for sometime which involve social interaction as that is one of the most important values a student learns in school. But it does not mean that they completely invole themselves in games even after the time given. So as said, everything should be in limits so in the same way even games during classe shold take place but in limits.

  • Joy stick image creates confusion :

    Students do not go to school only for their study purpose, they need to be physically fit and that involves them to be get participate in games , I mean outdoor activities. If people say No to this then the future will not see any athlete or team player overtaking the present records that is being set.

  • No no no

    It will stop kid from lreaning lf you play to much and your eyes vision will get worse and your mom and dad have to sped more money on glasses so you don't play video game in class sometime kids play it sneakey in class so don't play game in class

  • Not while working

    Sure, playing games can be good to exercise your mind but not in class. They will distract you from the thing that the teacher is talking about important stuff and when the teacher asks you a question, you'll be stumped. So no, but if the class has done everything and the teacher is feeling happy you might be able to play. Sometimes but never all the times. We need a life with a family and a job not half our population sitting in their parents basement playing video games and being a jerk online.

  • During class? No!

    I play video games as a hobby and I do consider myself a "gamer", but even I can see nothing good will come from this. Should they be allowed to screw around on their phones at the end of class or if there is no work to be done? Sure, as long as they aren't distracting any student who is doing work.

    You're better off just waiting 'till you get home

  • Stupidest shit I have ever heard.

    How do you argue against common sense? Part of me thinks that Betsy DeVos, secretary of education (but is uneducated herself), and Bill Gates, owner of Microsoft, got together to write this question. Terrible idea. I will say though, I have witnessed classes that have students play Civilization for its historical content and The Sims for life management skills. So, I guess simulation type games seem to work but if it is relevant to the class and the teacher okays it, not just students bring in their Nintendo DSes to class just because they want to and are bored with the lectures. That's why recess is offered in elementary schools. It serves as a pause on learning for the young kids with an attention span the size of a cough drop. If students (of any age) want to play games in class they have their phones which will get confiscated for being a distraction to everyone in the class. It's really just best to wait until after school to play. I'm not opposed after school gaming clubs either, just not during school. Plus there is the weekend. If that is not good enough for kids, then their parents are to blame for their kid's video game addiction.

  • No! Definetely not.

    Some students cannot consantrate during the classes which leads them to fail and lose all the desire an interest they have. Of course, students should be allowed to play games for the brain to exercise and for social interaction but it should not be allowed DURING classes. It also may prevent the students who want to consantrate as well as teachers.

  • Not at all

    'Games' being a very broad term, due to the image of an xbox controller I'm going to assume that is what the question poses ( Video games ). So no, Video games are a pass time and shouldn't be allowed in a class room due to their ability to distract students from their studies. Within a younger age group this could be damaging due to the child focusing on games, diverting their attention from schoolwork which would most likely lead to the students thinking work is useless or school is for fun

  • No! Absolutely not!

    When students play games in class, it diverts their attention from what's being taught in the class, inotherwords, the subject matter at hand. If and when a student comes to class, s/he should be concentrating on what's being taught in class, not on fun and games. Class is for schoolwork, not for play.

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