Should students be allowed to read religious texts in public schools?

Asked by: bman77
  • They Should Be Told To Treat It Like Any Novel: Then They'd Likely Think It Stupid and Not Believe In It:

    That's what happened to moi. The priest wanted us to cherry pick passages, but I distrusted this, so I read it like a novel and found the scriptures Theology didn't show us. Genesis started off a little weird, but by the time I reached Leviticus I was dumbfounded at the rampant stupidity it contained, but I soldiered on, hoping it got better and explained the stupidity I encountered, but it only got worse. By the time I finished it, I ripped the pages out of the beautiful Leather cover, incinerated them and used the cover to adorn my science text book. It turned me from wanting to believe into a skeptic/atheist.
    I learned to disbelieve in God, from reading the Bible.

  • Without a doubt

    1 Thessalonians 4:3 - For this is the will of God, even your sanctification, that ye should abstain from fornication

    Ephesians 6: 2, 3 - Children, as Christians, obey your parents. This is the right thing to do. Respect your father and mother. This is the first Law given that had a promise. The promise is this: If you respect your father and mother, you will live a long time and your life will be full of many good things.

    These are the sort of texts that will establish our youth on sound morals and keep them from the destructive path that so many now rush toward: teenage pregnancy, STDs, abortion, single parenthood, lack of respect for elders, etc.

  • Of course they should

    It should be compulsory for all students to read the bible.

    Each student needs to make their own decision about their beliefs, they can not make this decision if they are not educated about it. Not teaching them religion is exactly the same as brainwashing them. Kids who are well versed in religion will be able to make their own thinking decision.

    What's more the bible is the most important historical document we have, it does not matter if you are not religious, the bible teaches you the earliest history of the world. It teaches how people thought from the earliest time and how thinking developed as the world developed.

  • It's their right

    Our children are taught so many secular views in schools these days, it is only fair that they are allowed to study their religious beliefs while they are at school as well. If they are taught evolution in schools, why can't they independently study religion? Besides, reading a religious text helps students to learn more about the different cultures of the world.

  • Yes of course!

    This is a funny question, don't schools of all sorts require the students to read any material? So what difference would it make if they wish to read from religious texts? If they do not allow that, they're being really contradicting to the students and selfish. I truly believe students should be allowed to read religious texts if they so please.

  • Students are NOT the Teachers.

    According to the policies of most public schools, teachers are not allowed to force religion onto students. However, the reading of religious texts in these schools has nothing to do with the teachers or the student's peers. The banning of reading religious texts is also a violation of the students' first amendment rights. Student's in public school should be allowed to read religious texts also because most of the time, they are taught about the religions that these texts represent, therefore reading them would enhance the students' education.

  • Open Your Mind

    Even though many of you aren't fans of religion, reading religious texts as a strictly historical or philosophical exercise can be mind opening, no? Even if religion is a bad thing, restricting the right of a student to read anything is a ridiculous notion. If that book so happens to have religious importance, so be it.

  • Freedom in America

    Just because a public school doesn't teach any religious beliefs, doesn't mean that a student should be banned from reading whatever they want. It is to everyone's own opinion to read whatever they choose. It's like asking if students should be allowed to ready mystery or fantasy novels in school.

  • Yes of course

    Anybody should be able to read whatever they want whenever they want. They shouldn’t be ashamed or anything. They have the righ. They also should not be judged for it either. Why are kids aloud to read books about majic but not books like a bible about miracles? Let them read it!

  • Sure, Why Not?

    It depends on what you mean by that. If they should learn it as a class? No. Make it an elective, as some parents would prefer their kids not to. If it is a book brought for reading time, then sure! By all means, a book is a book. There's no reason a child shouldn't read it. Are you worried they will start teaching religion to other kids?

  • As a part of history class maybe but one religion as class absolutely no.

    I think all religious people really should read the bible or quran or whatever their one book is, just to see how ridiculous it is. To teach kids in school that religion is real is something that should never happen. If you are religious freak take your kid to religious school, but even that should be considered indoctrination and banned.

  • No, unless it is

    A class about religion. Or the professor asked the student to bring such text for some reason. If you are going to a religious school it might be a different story? I went to undergrad school and it was Quaker, so I had to take two Quaker religion courses, although I'm atheist, I enjoyed it

  • Only in their own time.

    School is for learning and opining you're mind's. Religious texts are exactly opposite. Religion has stupefied society far enough. If kids want to read narrow minded primitive descriptions of the world at lunch time,let them But not in class. Religion is an imaginary friend for humanity.It has help us through some bad times.But there's a time when a person need's to grow out of it and that person is humanity.

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Sagey says2014-01-30T05:11:47.813
Oops 4got 2 add that I was actually attending a Private Christian school when I read the Bible, public schools don't have Theology classes.

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