Should students be allowed to use cell phones during class?

  • I agree totally

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  • Students should be able to use cell phones

    Students would be bored of they had to use textbooks the whole entire time in class give students a chance to let them use their phones and study of they don't do that make them learn their lesson by not letting them use there phone individually so that's my opinion

  • Cell phones should be used for the purpose of learning more during class.

    Cell phones should be used for the purpose of learning more. When a student is unable to understand a something or the other or a particular term and wants it to be explained comprehensively,the
    teacher should that student to browse through the net by using his or
    her's cell phone . On the other hand the student should browse through the net instead of walking up to the teacher and asking him or her whoever is the teacher about it .

  • Cell phones should be used for the purpose of learning more.

    Cell phones should be used for browsing through the net (research).
    If a student is unable to understand a particular term and want
    it to be explained comprehensively to her he or she browse through the web , so as to familiarize himself or herself with that. AINESH DEY

  • Cell phones should be encouraged.

    Students should be allowed to use cell phones because if he or she is
    unable to understand a particular term , he or she should be allowed to
    browse through the web in order to understand that particular term
    properly .If he or she feels that the teaching pattern is too intricate , he she should be allowed to consult his or her cell phone Ainesh dey

  • Cell phones can help educate students when supervised

    For instance Jose Vilson, a math instructor at New York says, " ....It depends on how educators approach the whole process"(Vilson). This supports my claim because if the teachers are willing to supervise, students can learn using technology that can improve their learning.
    Furthermore, Liz Kolb an assistant professor at the University of Michigan , declares," there are signs indicating whether students can use their devices"(Kolb). Kolb has been responding upon how some schools are already giving students the rights to use their PDAs when given the time. It demonstrates my case because it indicates that if the teacher approves of cellphones, this can be a technique to teach responsibility to kids.

  • Phones are useful and should be used

    Phones can be put in a basket and shut off during tests. Sites like face book and twitter can be blocked during the day. Teachers can take phones if they see anything inappropriate. Phones can be used as an educational tool. Phones would not be a distraction because students would be taking their time and would be engaged during lessons.

  • Helps A LOT with school work

    I think phones should be allowed in class. People think they are bad in school but you probably haven't heard the good reasons. I for one, think it can help with homework. If you did your work on paper, and you are not sure with your answer, you can check on your phone. It also gives more phone time. Think about it, most students always want to take their phone out. If they have a phone, they won't get in trouble if they are checking their work on the phone. I also think it gives better grades. It helps a ton with homework because like I said earlier, it can help you check with homework.

  • Cellphones should be allowed in class...

    Cellphones should be allowed in class for the following reasons
    1. What if some little kids parents get in a car accident and cant come to pick him up from school how will he get in touch with someone?
    2. What if some little boy was in an accident and the school did not know his number but it was on his phone.

    Posted by: ZZOO
  • Cell Phones for Research!

    I think that people should be able to use phones freely during class, but only for research. The only time I think that they could play games is when they have actual free time. Also, it could save a lot of money for calculators, computers, ipads, etc. But my main point is that research could be a use for cell phones in class.

  • Phones should not be allowed in class

    They will just lower your grade point average, ad there are some students who would use them to cheat on test during class. Then thy would fail there classes because they are either A caught cheating or B not doing any work because they are to distracted. Then angry parents would call the school because they are upset the there children's grades, and then the school would be blamed. So it would just be simpler to just put the phones away and not use them during school hours.

  • Cell Phones and Class do not mix.

    In free time, students are much more likely to play games that actually study. What are the chances that a person would use Google Docs over Instagram? There is no way that a class would actually work when they have an option to go on Facebook or Twitter. The classwork it just too comparatively "boring."


  • Phones are a distraction in class.

    With phones, students will cheat and get very distracted. When there is a free-time in class, students might use their phones to play games, and that will distract them from learning. Also, when the teacher is giving a lesson, students could play games, and text their friend, and not only get them distracted, but also get their friend distracted, and that lesson might be an important skill to use in their life. School is a place to learn without phones as a distraction.

  • Students should not use phones during class!

    I think no because class is not a time to be texting your bf or whatever, phones will be distracting! Kids will use there phones to cheat on tests also. Phones will cause drama and all sorts of stuff. School is a time for kids to turn of the phones and learn.

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  • It will work out better

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  • It can help them if they are miture.

    It can help them although they can be distracting at some points in time. They shpuld not be on there phones if there not asked to and if they play games thats there falt cause they won't know how to do it. They will most likly fail thats there falt.

  • Cell phones can be distracting

    What makes you think that the students won't use them during a break?
    The students should not use them because they will be too distracting. All they will be doing is games games games (I'm not talking about all of them)! Besides, teaching kids with books and pencils is a good and reliable way to do it.

  • It destracts students from learning what they are supost to.

    It interfears with your learning and your teachers teaching and if i was a teacher i would probley think the kids were being disrespeacful to the teacher.Students could also cheat on tests and homework they should not have the right to have there phone cuz it is just a destaction to you and the teacher.

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