Should students be allowed to use cell phones in class?

  • F*** yes i do

    I believe its a very important thing to have your cellphone in school, why you might ask. Because these days we depend on our cellphones for everything, so what its a bit distracting its not like your phone is going to distract you from the class anymore than your friend or your classmate. And thank you

  • Only For Emergencies

    Students should be allowed to use cell phones in class, but only for emergency purposes. What if a shooter comes into the school? What if a tornado knocks out the power? Then what? Banning cell phones in classrooms is like telling a dog not to bark or a cat not to meow. Cell phones are vital parts of our contemporary society.

  • I do to an extent

    Could be important a parent or friend could be dieing or in trouble someone could need them, they should have the right to keep in touch and know these thing's, yes I know they could abuse this privilege and become a distraction, but if a student isn't willing to pay attention and learn why would they be there in the first place? There shouldn't be any reason not to be able to have a phone on you just incase that last moment of someone's life happened and they wanted to talk to you last or if any emergency happened it would be nice to know at the moment instead of coming home to it.

  • What do they need them for?

    There's already a ban on them in all schools and there's great reasons for it! The people who need to be banned from cell phones in class are the teachers. Teachers are continually on cell phones during class when they are supposed to be teaching. If we allow students to have cell phones in class, then why send our kids to school because no one will be learning anything with teachers and student being on phones all day.

  • Thay are distractions and kids, adults, and teenagers and they play games on there phones like rowbloxe, fruit ningae.

    Research has shown us that many teenagers, adults, and children don't get the right amount of sleep at night and go to there schools all tired . Some experts believe the cause is biological . Others say that they all stay up later because of all of adolescent and distractions.

  • Should students be allowed to use cell phones in class?

    I think you shouldn't have your phone out in class because it distraction. And if your phone goes off in class that distracts another in class that are trying there best. It mind put you off you test that you need to pass but listen its up to yourself if you want to use you phone in class your will just get in trouble and your phone will be toke of you

  • Because its sooo distracting

    Hair and clothing is considered a distraction Then certainly cell phones are a distraction. You're there for an end-you-ma-caption not to find more people to text/talk to on the phone. Before cell phones and computers people actually learned how to speak, read, write, and do calculations on their own. Anymore though, it's all going to hell and no one's watching

  • Get stress and get more failure

    Many of the students play games in class using cell phones which make them stressful by losing the game. Also, they always think about the game which make failures in class by making their grades lower and always talking with friends about this game-which you can't concentrate on studying for test.

  • No, there is too much cheating.

    No, students should not be allowed to use cell phones in class, because that would lead to way too much cheating. Students would also pay little attention because they could play games or talk to their friends. There is no good reason to allow students to use cell phones in class.

  • Use of cell phones in class would be a distraction.

    Students should be allowed to have cell phones at school in case of emergencies, but the use of them during class should be strictly prohibited. The most obvious reason is their use would present a serious distraction not only for the student with the phone, but for the rest of the class and teacher as well.

  • Good for emergencies

    Personally, I do not have a major issue with students being allowed to carry cell phones during school time, just in case of an emergency. However, I only feel students should be allowed to use them just for that unfortunate circumstance. They should not be allowed ot freely use them during class.

  • Not For Cummunication

    I do not believe students should be allowed to use cell phones in class. The main purpose of a cell phone is communication, so texting and making phone calls during class should not be allowed. If a student wants to use the phone for other purposes like it's calculator, or calendar for assignments, then that should be allowed.

  • They will only be distractions.

    The only valid reason I can see to allow students to use cell phones in class would be if a relative is dying. Seeing as that doesn't happen extremely often, the majority of the time cell phones would only be distractions. In nearly all cases, cell phones are going to take students' attention away from the lesson and push school even more toward the social aspect that is so prominent today. Thus, students should not be allowed to use cell phones in class.

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