Should students be allowed to use phones in school?

  • Students SHOULD be allowed to use cellphones in class!

    Students SHOULD be allowed to use phones in school because if there is a break-in then someone could call for help. They can take pictures or record what their homework is. They can keep in touch with their parents and siblings if there is an urgent matter in class or school. They can use the calculator to check their answers and use their timer for science class.

  • Only For The Right Purposes

    I believe it is important for students to be able to have their phones on them, but I believe they should only use their phones in schools for appropriate things. It is not essential for them to communicate with others while in a school setting, but they should be allowed to use their phones for uses that help them with school, such as keeping track of assignments or recording lectures.

  • Students should be allowed to use phones in school.

    Students should be able to use phones in schools because they have many educational applications. Students can use their phones as pocket dictionaries if they are learning a foreign language, and they can use word processing applications to take class notes. Telephones are also an essential means of communication with parents and teachers.

  • I think students should be able to bring cell phones to school

    I think students should be able to bring cell phones to school so they can keep in contact with there parents . One reason they should keep contact with there parents is if the parents doesn't know if the student is staying after the student can contact them and tell them that they are staying after. Another reason is they can call there parents to tell them that the bus is running late and they will be getting home late so the parent will not be worried that there child is not home when the student is usally home . The last reason is there is a really bad car crush on the block that they live on so the bus cant go down the block so they will have to get off the bus at there realitives house or a friends house until the crash clears up and they can go down the block .

  • Anything could happen what if there is an emergency.

    A phone could probably save your life even in case of a break in. What if their was fire hazard. I think a phone would be helpful in case of a bully. A lot of bad things could happen and if no one had a phone
    your parents wouldn't know what happened to you.

  • Students SHOULD be allowed to use their phones in class!!

    First of all, students should be able to use their cell phones in class to search information for classwork or projects.
    According to www.Debate.Org, 80 percent of the classes only have 1 computer so students should be allowed to use their phones for info.
    In other words, I think its a great idea for students to use their phones in class.

    Second of all, students should have their cell phones in class in case of an emergency.
    According to www.Debate.Org, 73 percent of all schools have random accidents like a fire, Students should have the right to contact anyone for help on their phones.
    Again, I think its a great idea to have phones in class because I think all students should be safe so they could call ( 911 ) for help in case of an emergency.

  • Phones shouldn't be allowed

    Cell phones in class can lead to failing grades, D's and F's, They can also cause a lot of distractions when you are in a lesson, Lecture, Classroom, Etc. Cell phones also could be used as cheating tools on tests and quizzes by texting people and asking for answers or giving answers

  • Target on you

    You can be a target in cyber bullying so I say no. Also in school you can cheat during a test because if you're allowed to have a phone you can just say that you are looking at memes or something but your'e really looking at your notes.NO PHONES !!

  • Phones should stay in lockers

    There is no reason that a student should be able to use their phone while in school, especially high school. Their phones can stay in their lockers til after the final bell or until they are on lunch break or something. They don't need their phones during class or anything.

  • No schools are not the place for phones

    Schools are not the place for phones. Students should not be allowed to use their phones during school. They should be allowed to carry them with them and if an emergency arises find someone in authority who will allow them to use the phone. Teachers have a hard enough time getting student's attention without the phones.

  • Students should not be allowed to use phones in school.

    Students should not be allowed to use phones in school. This just creates another distraction in class that prevents the teacher from being able to do their job effectively. I think that allowing students to carry cell phones just creates more problems. It also adds stress to the parents when the student loses the phone.

  • I think NO!

    I say that because I can start cyber bullying like spreading rumors about someone on the internet. Or they could take a picture of somebody without permission. They can use their phones for cheating like looking for answers from your friend. They could take a picture of their tests and send s it too you and they got a 100% but you still didn't take it. One more reason is as a distraction like vibration, when your texting and aslo even the teacher when they are teaching you

  • No students should not be allowed to use cell phones in school.

    Cell phones shouldn't be allowed in school because they are a distraction. Also they can get broken or stolen. Also they can be confiscated and then you wouldn't even have a cell phone at home anymore. Also phones can be used as a calculator that would help students cheat on tests. Lastly that could be used to take pictures of tests and you could cheat and send them to your buddy.

  • Students should NOT be allowed to have cell phones.

    First of all students are almost always going to be texting or playing games during class or a lecture causing distractions and giving them bad grades. Honestly I don't think kids younger than 13 should have a phone to begin with because it merely causes them to be more drawn to that than what they should be doing.

    Secondly they are going to be tempted to cheat on tests instead of actually trying it. The phones can go off during class distracting the whole class and not only distracting the class but wasting time either muting and stopping it from continuing to ring. It also wastes time while the teacher talks to the child.

  • They should not

    Kids should not have cell phones in school because they can cheat on test or quizzes. They can go off in class or not doing your work and on your phone doing ether stuff they can call friends in class text people prank call people in class call police for no reson

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