Should students be allowed to use their phones during lunch?

  • Phones allowed at lunch

    Phones should be allowed because if something happened to you before or during lunch you can contact a relative. It's also a time that you can play games, text go on Facebook, instagram, and a lot more. But you can't take a call, take pictures or videos, and do things that are not school appropriate.

  • Phones Should Be Allowed

    After a hard day at school you finally get time to relax and eat food.We should be able to use our phones because we can have a peaceful and relaxing lunch by playing games or looking at social media. Selfies of inappropriate pictures can be an issue, but there should at least be teachers or staff walking around and occasionally check the students phone

  • What is the harm?

    The phones are not for the teachers to control they don't pay for the bill. They can't tell you what to do with what they don't even pay for. Students will have a quiet and clean lunch room because they are focused on their phones. This comming from a fellow student.

  • It would lead to more learning

    I understand that teachers get mad when kids aren't paying attention, and are on their phones. But think about it. If kids could check their phone at lunch, they wouldn't be looking at it in class. They would be able to check their texts, Instagram, Facebook, whatever, and then not want to use it in class since they got their "phone fix" at lunch. This would lead to more learning in the classroom since everybody would have already looked at their phones during lunch.

  • Hi hi hi

    Students should be able to have thier phones out at lunch because thier is really no problem with it. It would be their own risk if they get wet. Also it might be a lot quieter than it normally would in the cafeteria if students had thier phones out at lunch

  • Phones are often used in classrooms

    This seems like an odd question since most classrooms nowadays incorporate phones in the curriculum. I might or might nor agree with this practice, but I think it is rather fair to say that at oppurtunities of break the students should preferably be given as much free time, as in time to do freely what they so choose, as possible. Attempting to regulate usage of phones during this time seems contrary to common sense; if students can't use their phones during lunch, what CAN they do during lunch? And in another way, what reason preventing the usage of phones at lunch could in any way be more influential than the great need of students to have a break in which they can simply eat their food, socialize and use whatever personal property they posses as they so please? We're not harvesting crops in our education system. These are people, just like you and me. Let them have their much needed oppurtunities of rest. Heck,,let them have more of it. Maybe they wouldn't dislike going to school so much if we didn't make it seem like a prison.

    Posted by: Jeck
  • There's nothing wrong with it

    What is wrong with having phones out at lunch. We work our butts off in school, we deserve a break. It can get boring just sitting there talking and eating. Give us the privilege of having our phones out. Lunch is our only period to have fun and not be bored out of our minds. Phones can make it fun.

  • Using Phones During Lunch Can Help Students With The Rest Of Their Day

    Students aren't allowed on their phone during class for many reasons that are accurate but sometimes a little bit stupid. Like in the morning for example, students should be allowed on their phone in 1st hour to wake up and get their brains going. At lunch being on their phone makes them more relaxed and ready for the rest of their day. Cyber-bullying may something that could effect phone usage, but students have a choice to be bullied or not, its easy to just block someone. So why not use phones at lunch and passing time?

  • Unnecessary Power Exerted

    Given that phones are prohibited in classrooms with vigilant teachers, there is no way a student would be cheating at lunch, in a manner that wouldn't already be possible. Unless speech, writing and sign language are forbidden from a lunch room, students can still communicate. There is nothing to be distracted from, or cheating on at lunch. Cyberbullying is an issue, but prohibiting a phone for 30 minutes is the wrong way to approach the issue. Ultimately, it isn't any of the teachers' business how we keep ourselves busy. Let any illegal or forbidden activity be the responsibility of the law and of parents, not the educators. There is no need for public servants to posses this power over a citizens property, if the property is not affecting their specific duty, which is education.

  • Yes We Should

    Well I can see that everyome on the yes side are students and the reason I said yes is because this situation. "Oh look recess inside and I don't want to walk around the gym or play basketball, oh look I can play whatever game I want with my friends hurray for school letting us have phones at lunch and recess.

  • Students should not be allowed to use their phones during lunch.

    Students should not be allowed to use their phones during lunch. They should not be allowed to be in the school building at all because they are a major disruption from class. Students should be eating at lunchtime and not talking or texting on cell phones at all. Schools should not allow this.

  • No,students should not be allowed to use their phones during lunch.

    No,students should not be allowed to use their phones during lunch.Calls at lunch can be just as distracting as other times during the school day,so it is just better in the long run to not have phones at school at all during school hours because the inherent distraction they cause.

  • To Many Flaws!

    Students should not be a loud to have their phone out during lunch for several reasons first and foremost it opens a huge gate for cyber bullying and the spreading of rumors. Secondly what if there's a test that day and you have next period but your best friend had it the period before I'm sure it would be pretty "rad" if he just happens to text you the answers wouldn't it but not only is that cheating but students would also be ruining their education. Lastly, on top of everything else, they should not be a loud their phones out during lunch because if you play a game and beat a level your gonna wanna keep playing also if your in the middle of a conversation and the bell rings your gonna wanna finish the conversation. These two things along with many others are going to be keeping you from staying completely focused and on task and again messing with education you just might need when you make it to the real world.

  • No they shouldn't be able to use their cell phones during lunch

    They shouldn't be able to us their cell phones during lunch because if say you get a text message at lunch then you show your friend what the person said and then he/she could tell all the other people at the lunch table. And you could also get cyber bullied by somone.

  • Students shouldn't have there phones at lunch

    Because they can use them to finish homework or some late papers. . . I am talking about high school. In high school you can have your phones out during some classes, And lunch. Kids now a days use there phone to cheat on test. Phones shouldn't be aloud during lunch or school.

  • They should not

    This it the only time that students are forced to communicate with each other and if they were given phones, They would text across the room and not talk to each other, The younger generation already has a communication problem because of cell phones and this would only make things worse

  • Students should not be able to have their phones during lunch.

    We need face to face communication. Having phones at lunch can lead to drama, Fights, And rumors. It also makes kids has not so good communication skills. Talking to people face to face is how you build friendships and bonds with people. Another thing is, Is that not every kid owns a phone, Making them more vulnerablel to getting bullied, Or feeling like an outcasts.

  • No phones at recess!!!!

    Students should NOT have their phones out at snack and lunch because they are a HUGE distraction to people. Not only are we ALLOWING them to have their phones out! We are taking the time for students to be able to be social, away from them. They will loose social ability and there will be a lot more bullying around. People also take the chance to take photos and post it on insta, snapchat, facebook ect as a joke. This could end up really hurting that person. YOU NEED PERMISSION!

  • Children need to interact

    What are we trying to do to these young people? There's enough time to play games on phones after school especially as they now finish before 3pm. Some children do nothing except look at screens in their spare time and we are now taking away their chance to interact at school. How sad that instead of playing sport or chatting with friends they will now be sat looking at a phone.

  • Family Communication !!!

    If students are able to be on their phones at lunch then they can contact a family member! Say if a family member got hurt or worse. They would be able to find out. What if you were waiting on a result about your mom or brother if they had something dangerous in them!

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