Should students be allowed to wear casual clothes in public school?

  • It makes them feel confident and convenient.

    On doing so, Students feel easy to handle their activities within the college environment. If they are comfortable in casual dress, They should not be forced to wear other typical uniforms. Instead, Rules can be made in order to ensure discipline in college. On doing so, They can actually perform better in school environment.

  • No more dictatorship

    Allow students to wear whatever they want. If a student wants to wear school-appropriate clothing, Good for them. If not, It's their fault. Limiting students' freedom only stifles their individuality and personality. In a private school, Perhaps uniforms may be allowed. But not in a public school. I rest my case.

  • Formal uniforms are better

    How is this even a question in america? Studies have shown that students perform better in uniforms! In addition, School is like work for students, Adults dress up for work and students should too. It would also reduce bullying based off of clothes. It works out well for other countries, Why can't we do it in america?

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