Should students be allowed to wear hats inside school buildings?

  • Yes they should

    Students should feel comfortable in school. Besides so many kids wear them outside of school. And if parents allow kids to wear hats outside of school then how come teachers will not let them wear them in school. Long as they don't have like horrible symbols on them or signs even then they should be school appropriate I mean and their argument about how they can hide guns or knives in their hat is ridiculous because you can hide them in your coat pocket or in your normal pocket or even in your backpack so most of our arguments are invalid when it comes to that so yeah. And if and if they're worried about like mass murder weapons being hidden in Hatsan install more SRO it would take more people off the streets and it would help so many people if they just thought. Because hats Rule and they should be allowed in school! And why won't they let hats in school? Because of old Christian rules. Does that make any sense? No! Thank you.

  • Should be fine

    I really don't see any reason to not allow students to wear hats in school. For years it was not allowed and I never did exactly understand why. I never went to a school that didn't allow hats but I worried about ending up at a place with that rule. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with wearing a hat in class.

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  • Nothing wrong with it

    My opinion could be totally wrong and k know that but I feel like there is nothing wrong with wearing a hat in school. Granted, some people could use their hat to cover their faces, but respectively there should be rules to protect against things like that. Wearing hats in school is not a bad thing

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