Should students be allowed to wear whatever shoes they want to PE at school?

Asked by: face1995
  • In my opinion

    Yes kids in schools actually shouldn't wear shoes at all, They should actually ban shoes in school, Because wearing shoes can lead to sickness and even injury, And admitt it, Shoes are tiny prisons, They mess our walk stance up, And smell disgusting after a day, In fact a country wide ban should be put in place

  • Kids should be able to wear sandals and other shoes that they want

    Kids need to be able to wear whatever shoes they want. Who cares about their footwear. Their feet need to breathe and it is cool to wear sandals. I do yoga, and I wear sandals all the time. (I do advanced classes and I am only 11 and a boy that can do a lot of extreme poses like feet behind the head.) That is just my opinion.

  • If anything, there should be a strict barefoot policy

    Our kids have been raised sans footwear. They literally never wear shoes outside of school. They always go outside barefoot, and inside, they are barefoot too. Occasionally, they step on dog poo or fresh cigarettes, but they don't mind. Sometimes, they step on some glass, so we find where to stop the bleeding, then get home ASAP, where we disinfect it. They however, step on glass sometimes, and there isn't even a cut. Their feet are rock hard, as they only wear shoes at school.

    We've even taken them hiking. We offered to buy hiking shoes, but they declined and insisted going barefoot! At the end of the day, their soles were completely covered in bindii. Their toes, the balls, arch, heel and even between the toes had bindii and mud. The thing is, they knew, but could not bother scraping or pulling them off. They never even broke stride! The thorns were up to half a millimetre, and went completely in, but they paid little notice.

    It is not that bad, we were raised like this. Everyday, they end the day with a shower to wash off their jet black feet, so they can go to sleep all clean. I wear shoes in public to make us not appear ridiculous, but kids are forgiven usually for this.

    We teach them to carefully survey the area. If they want to jump in a puddle, they sweep the bottom with the ball and toes of their feet. They can go anywhere, since they are so tough. Gravel, thorny grass, hot blacktop, thick mud, you name it, they can do it. They even climb barb wire and chain link fences. My daughter who is 12 even took a dare to stomp on to many scattered thumbtacks. They all sunk into her feet, but she yanked them off, and there was no bleeding!

    They are tough because of a barefoot lifestyle. Of anything, footwear should be discouraged as it promotes poor feet and health. Kids should be banned from footwear before they are 15. There may be scrapes and cuts, but they will endure, and their health will skyrocket.

  • Students should be able to wear what ever shoes they want in school period.

    I am an 7th grader and i am speaking as a student. At my school we cant wear boots and we already have dress code so why take away are shoes. They are just shoes and research shows that it doesn't matter what type of shoes u wear to gym its how the person feet grips and feels in them.

  • Kids can wear any shoes they want

    Spending hours in the shopping mall looking for school shoes is boring
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  • Yes students should be able to wear whatever they want

    I think students should be able to wear what ever shoes or boots they want to wear. I only wear work boots and I can still run, jump and do anything in boots. I believe they are better than shoes because they have more grip, and have more protection if you drop a weight or anything else

  • This is a waste of time.

    There is nothing to debate here. Just wear the required foot wear and stop wasting peoples time. Why is this even an issue? No you can't wear sandals or work boots or dress shoes. Stop being foolish and choose some thing more intelligent to be rebellious about! Good god this is dumb!

  • Dangerous and non-practical

    If a student can wear whatever type of shoes they please in gym class, that includes sandals, high heels, boots, etc. These shoes, however, would be very dangerous to play in and could cause a student serious injury. Plus, they could use their improper footwear as an excuse not to participate in gym and thus, lower their grades and physical health.

  • No, I do not believe that kids should be allowed to wear whatever they want to PE

    I’m a kid in middle school, 8th to be specific, And I think that they should not be allowed to wear whatever shoes they want. It isn’t good for your feet while running, Doing sports, Pacers, Ect. Like what happens when you wear sandals to soccer? All I know is it’s not gonn be very good

  • It would be unsafe

    If you don't have the right shoes, it can be bad for your feet and without more stable shoes you could roll or twist your ankle. It would also be dangerous if someone had hard shoes on and kicked another person and stepped on their feet. It's not hard to find a standard pair of runners and it's PE no one is going to be looking stylish, just sweaty and tired. You don't see any athletes wearing whatever they want to do their sport so why is this an issue in PE.

  • No they shouldnt

    I in highschool and my teacher lets anybody wear what shoes they want. But one day we played soccer and i was wearing gym shoes and this boy was wearing work boots that have the hard layer. But anyways i went to kick the ball and the boy kicked my foot and now i got a broken toe and toenail fell off

  • We Shouldn't be Able to Wear Whatever Shoes We Want To Gym

    I'm in the 5th grade going to the 6th grade and at my school they don't let you wear whatever shoes you want. I have some Timberland's that are really stylish and that I love to wear. But, the problem is their really heavy. When I run it wears me down and makes me get tired faster. That's why I think we should wear athletic shoes only. When you have a basketball game or football game or have to cheer i'm pretty sure you don't wear boots. SO just wear the proper apparel and everything will be alright.

  • Lol, idk at all

    Lol, no one cares my friend, we don't imagine, we care about facts, and right now you are not allowed to wear any school you want, so screw off h8ers coz no one cares about your opinion. Totally not a troll with nothing better to do. Don't h8 m8 appreci8

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