Should students be allowed use cell phones in school?

  • Yes, cell phones should be allowed in schools.

    They can be used as learning tools, nort only a scourge on learning. Also, if we forget to bring our agenda to school and we leave it at home, we can write down our homework in notes. Also, by any chance, if there is an emergancy, we can contaact our parects.

  • Yes yes yes

    Students can use it for many reasons and it also will save paper. They can use it for emergacys in case they need to get a ride home or need to go to a friends house after school. Also kids can use it during homework time and listen to the music they like and it can help them focus better.

  • Yes, but there should be a limit

    As a student myself I don't see any fault in having mobile phones in class. As long as they are used for educational purposes and for emergencies. Why should students have to sit at a computer and watch it loads for half an hour, when they can pull out their phones and find the answers in under 5 minutes? However, there should be restrictions. If it is distracting the pupils then the teachers should bide by the school punishment system.

  • I think you should for emergency's and for other problems like bullying.

    I think we should be able to have cell phones in school because they need them if they don't know what their grandmas number is so they might have to look on their phone to get their grandmas number and then call them on their phone.
    Another reason, is that if the school phone is not working then you could use your phone and then the problem will be solved.

  • Kids can listen to music while they work

    Listening to music can be a reward as well as searching the web for suitable information for their age. Say if the teacher was happy you did your homework, at let you listen to your own music until the end of the session, or during a fun relaxing lesson like art. Kids can all listen to their own music instead of the teacher blaring out their favorite classic from the 60's.

  • I agree wth these guys

    Cell phones can be distracting in a classroom, if they are not being controlled. If the teacher was teaching a lesson and a kid was on their phone, the teacher could simply take away the phone until there is another use for it. They could use them for calculators and google and even dictionary.Com! Cell phones would be very useful in a school zone

  • Cell Phones for Emergencies

    What if there is an emergency at school and a student needs help? A cell phone is a viable form of communication that is necessary in modern society. Kids should have access to quick phone calls if a shooter gets in the school or a tornado rips the building apart.

  • Why say no?

    Kids need to call their parents in times of need, such as if they hurt themselves, or when their parents call them when something has happened to a loved one or pet. See what i mean, phones are helpful at times, but everyone should set it on vibrate in school.

  • Students need them

    Students and parents both know that phones are not going away,so we should take advantage of that and have schools agree with us and stop fighting.Its a learning tool,that can help save paper. What about parents say, they want to know if there child is at school and has the building.What if theres another event like sandy hook,parents want to know.Students will make sure that there phone will NOT distube the class(there put it on vibrate)

  • We can have restrictions

    Personally I see that since we are entering in a new era of technology we need to be able to take advantage of that in school. We have a computer in our hands(for most of us). The school can cut of certain limits. Can block a students call or text and certain website that are not seen as school appropriate

  • No because kids should have a good education because there is a big future head of them like college and jobs.

    I can support this because we need a good life and a good job but if we use cell phones we wont have a good education and not a good job that can pay you a lot of money and if you don't have good education you can become homeless or go to a continuation high Scholl

  • Cell phones should be banned from class

    Cell phones are bad because if you have a call it will disturb the class it will also effect your older life you need to get a good job to get good wages. If you cheat buy getting your phone out on one of your tests you will forget that question and if in your older life you wont be able to answer it you wont get the job from the interview. You will also be getting told of a lot if you do cheat then your teacher will find out one day and if you do go to the headteachers office then you will maybe get detention and they will get your phone and take it off you so don't get out your cellphone. You also might get bad grades so dont get it out because when your mum finds out she will be furious and possibly maybe ground you and you dont want that cause that means you wont be able to hang out with your friends.

  • Students should not be allowed to use cellular phones (especially the smart kind) during normal school hours.

    This is mainly due to the fact that as students go into high school, this High school is where instruction increases. However, this is also the time schools permit phone use. Very rarely do I not see that more than half the class is on their phone while the teacher is teaching as if to a group of attentive pupils. To those who say they can use their phones to look up information and calculate math problems: why? You are in school to learn, not from the internet, but from your teacher. This is only a distraction, because how could a text about how Sarah broke up with Jamie because she didn't get an anniversary present be helpful in the middle of a test?

  • No, students should not be allowed to use cell phones in school.

    I believe that students should not be allowed to use cell phones in school. Students in elementary grades definitely don't need to have them. If one child has a phone then other kids want to see what the phone will do, and that would be a distraction in the classroom. Also the students might text during class, and this would cause a distraction.

  • Cell phones should not be used during classtime in schools.

    Schools should implement strict rules regarding the use of cell phones during class time. Aside from being extremely disrespectful toward instructors, cell phone use during lessons is also disruptive. Student use of cell phones, therefore, should be restricted only to lunchtime or other breaks throughout the day when students are not engaged in lessons.

  • They should be allowed to have cell phones not use them

    No, students should not be allowed to use cell phones in school. They should, however, be able to posses them because of society and the things that are presently happening in schools such as shootings. The usage should be limited to emergencies only and those that are caught using the phones should be required to have their parents come and pick up the phone in order to have it returned.

  • No they should not allowed to.

    Students should not be allowed to use cell phones in school as it allows them cheat easier, create gossip to hurt other children, and sometimes brag and put down other children due to the fact that they either do not have a cell phone or that theirs is an older model.

  • No they shouldn't.

    School is for learning! Students should not be allowed to use their cell phones in school. They should be allowed to have them though. There could be an emergency and a student with a cell phone may have the only access to a phone. In general, though, students should not be allowed to use their phones.

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