• Students Should Be Assigned Homework

    Yes, students should be assigned homework. Homework is a valuable tool for reinforcing material that has been taught during the school day. Too often, a student will forget the material taught during the day as soon as the student gets home. With homework, this does not happen quite as often.

  • Students Should Have Homework

    I believe homework is a very important part of the education process and for a student to fully learn and realize the uses of what they are learning, they need to be assigned homework. I think this is particularly important in classes like mathematics, so the student can display a level of knowledge without help.

  • Yes homework is needed

    Yes homework is very important to education. It makes sure students understood what they learned and can apply it at a later point. I don't think there needs to be a lot of homework though to achieve this. 10-15 minutes of work per class is more than enough to get the job done.

  • Students Deserve Homework

    In this day and age, homework plays a vital role throughout a student's education. Students that receive regular homework ensure that they'll stay fresh with the current material in their classes. Homework in light portions is far more beneficial to students than most people realize. However, teachers need to avoid overload.

  • Yes, it makes them resposible.

    Yes, students should be assigned homework, because it makes them responsible to finish tasks without assistance. Students also have homework so that parents can participate with their children in education and learn about what is going on in the classroom. Students can learn more by doing homework outside of school and reinforce school lessons.

  • Is it that healthy to have homework

    I understand kids need a review or some update to make sure they know what is it they'll be tested on. But to much homework isn't where its at. As a teenager we have stress on other classes too, the stuff we actually don't understand, and having 20 questions on every assignment from each class is overwhelming to one student. Also if you want you're child growing up with no social skills other than with a teacher, you'll have a hard time when that kid is just trying to fit in. Also having sports, chores, clubs, extra activities, and even supporting sports anything leading with you don't devote your life to staying at home and doing your homework. Also while doing those you get home later then expected, and end up having to pull and all nighter to finish up all your homework. Possibly causing you to mess up on the homework itself, and revising everything wrong. My final answer is doing 3 questions a day is enough to cover what you just learned.

  • Elementary schools should not have uniforms.

    Elementary schools should not have uniforms. Parents and children should be able to pick out what the child wears to school everyday. Uniforms do not provide any assistance in educating our children. It is a waste of time to require what a child wears in school and they are also hard to keep clean.

  • Make It Stop!

    I spend an hour and a half in every one of my classes. An hour and a half. I get work done in class. I learn things in class. I HATE class because some of the subjects are just not my favorite. (math, science). If I don't understand something, it should be my decision to go get help or ask questions. Even then, doing more classwork is better to help students since I can ask the teacher questions or collaborate with my peers. After coming home from six hours of school, with only 8 hours left to be home and relax, I'd rather not spend a single second of that time doing homework, never mind up to an hour for each class (I have four in a day). School should stay in school. Yes, learning never stops, but the government institution of school shouldn't follow me into my house.

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