Should students be assigned homework on weekends?

  • No assignment now!

    Excuse me! All teacher must remember that there are a lot of subjects teachers that also giving an assignment to us , how can we manage such assignments almost 10 and their only giving 2 days to finish it, sadly, most of the homework problem are solving and essay!!!! Give us some time to rest!!! Gosh!! And now ur asking why we are late and sleepy during discussion/ class time? Hu!

  • YES Yes YES

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  • Yes - up to a point.

    It would be difficult to assign all of your homework over the week, and anyway, homework over the weekend makes sure no one forgets the work after class. HOWEVER, the weekend is still meant as a break, so there should not be too much homework over the weekend; too much work is a bad thing.

  • Weekends Are The Best Time

    I believe students should be assigned homework on the weekends because it is the best time for students to assignments. Having one child in school who is often given homework on school nights and never on the weekend, I find it incredibly frustrating trying to squeeze in homework time out short evenings.

  • Homework on weekends is good.

    I think that homework on the weekends is a good thing. This would probably make me unpopular with many students but I think homework during the weekend is a great way to keep the minds of students sharp and ready to learn without ever losing the information they just gathered.

  • Students should be assigned homework on weekends.

    Students should be assigned homework on the weekends. If there is a reasonable amount of homework, students will still have enough time to do other things, such as part time jobs and extra curricular activities. Teachers should be sensitive to students and not assign too much work on the weekends.

  • Homework on Weekends

    American students in comparison to their Asian counterparts are not attending enough school days when attendance is compared between the two countries. Asian countries are competitors to the American way of life especially in regards to education. To get on an even status with Asia, students should perform weekend homework.

  • Not Really, We Don't Need It On The Weekends!!!

    Hi I am a student and I am 13. I have no problem with homework during a normal school day such as Monday-Friday, but on the weekends. I think it's unfair for students to be force to work on the only 2 days we get off after 5 days of work. I understand it has it's benefits, but all schooldays can just have homework. I also understand that it can help students prepare to work on weekends, but not every student will take a job like that. I want to be a teacher and I understand that it will take up time on the weekends, but not as much as a full day at the school.

    Anyways, I believe that it is not as needed as most say, we do, afterall, have 5 other days to be assigned homework.

  • No Homework On Weekends

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  • This is unfair

    Give the poor kids a break in school the work there buts off in that classroom trying to impress there teachers or there parents with there grades. Teachers should just give them a break and give them one more sheet of paper for a nights home work for they don't have weekend homework.

  • No homework on weekends

    I say no because we have all week to complete our homework but then teachers give out all of our homework right at the last minute of the day on a Friday so we have no choice to do it over the weekend. I am a student to and I get homework on the weekends too so what I do right on my Sunday morning I get up at 6:30, I get my breakfast, Do my homework, Then I go for a 3mile jog come home take another shower and lift weights then shoot some hoops for about 2 hours and come home and then I can do want for the rest of the day. So my point is if that you do your homework on like a Friday night or Saturday or Sunday morning, So that homework doesn't always get in your way.

  • No homework on weekends

    People say that giving homework on weekends helps keep your mind sharp for next week, but it's doing the complete opposite for me. It will make my mind not ready for next week. On most Sundays I'll have to stay up late to finish my stupid homework, it just makes me tired and I won't be able to learn next week. And the people who say "people that don't want to do homework on weekends are lazy" are idiots because were not lazy, we just want A BREAK FOR ONCE. I want to be able to play Nintendo with my friends, not do homework.

  • NOPE we shouldn't !

    Do you have a lot of classes. Each class gives you homework and it piles up. You have 3 days. But only 2 full days since Friday you got to school and come back. You don't have time! What if you have projects Saturday classes and they give you homework? IT CREATES STRESS. WE SHOULD HAVE TIME FOR FUN

  • Students should have no homework on weekends.

    The weekend is the time that students have time to have fun with friends, play outside, and have free time. Having homework in this time completely defeats the purpose. Instead of getting exercise and play, the students are working on the computer or in a notebook. Anyway, it probably has a negative effect, because students will just get frustrated and want to stop.

  • Students should NOT be forced to do homework in our free time.

    So I understand school taking most of our week, after all there is a lot to learn. But everyone needs a break. And when we are in school for 7 hours not counting clubs making it eight hours PLUS sports afterwords another 1 and a half at the least! And an hour on homework a night (not to mention those nights were we are given close to 3 or even just 2 hours) that ends up being a good 10 hours a day spent on school. Now add in the 8 hours of sleep we need that's 18 out of our 24 hours gone from school. So then it's finnaly the weekend we get to take a break, go to church focus on us or friends or anything other then school! But no our teachers have the right to give us hours and hours of homework! It's not okay.

  • We Already Tackle Enough

    I strongly disapprove homework over the weekends. Many believe that students don't want homework on the weekends because they're lazy. While this is sometimes true, it's not always the case! I think that weekend homework provides an opportunity for procrastination which itself is a severe problem. If you're like me, no matter how much you tell yourself and guilt yourself into trying to start homework early and get it over with, you get lazy and tell yourself, "there's always one hour from now," or, "There's always tomorrow." And if you as severe as me, Sunday night you find yourself trying to finish everything that was assigned during the school week (which is usually harder because teachers are aware that you have a whole two days to yourself when they assign weekend homework) and then it gets to a point where you're so tired that you tell yourself, "there's always tomorrow morning before school starts." A school week is where you go to your workplace (school) and take work home. What is a weekend anymore where you still can't escape the stress of the school week and its work? A weekend to me should be the relief of getting to take a break where you have time to yourself to spend with friends and family or work on personal goals. Do teachers not expect us to have lives outside of school? Teachers, just because you dedicated your life to teaching at a school and it's all you really do, doesn't mean our lives are dedicated to school and that's all we do. Students in America spend more time on homework than they ever have in history, and you thought it would be a good idea to add more?

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