Should students be banned from having laptops in school?

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  • No, laptops should be allowed in school.

    No, students should not be banned from having laptops in school. The responsible use of laptops enhances the learning process and teaches students many useful skills. They gain the mental tools necessary to tell the difference between a valid source and an invalid source of information, because of the sheer number of sources online. In addition, hard of hearing and vision-impaired students can use speech-to-text programs to take notes and better understand course materials.

  • Students should not be banned from having laptops in school.

    Laptops could be a vital aid to the average student. Some students authentically do take notes in class. Some students also have much faster computers than what the school has available. Those computers may also have better programs that what the school may offer. As long as the instructor allows it, there should be no debate about it. The primary reason against the argument is that the students wouldn't pay attention, but if the instructor implemented a way to easily see what the students are doing, such as using a mirror on the back wall, that issue could be avoided.

  • No, students should be allowed to have laptops.

    Laptops are one more tool that can be effectively employed by schools in teaching students. Laptops help to engage students in learning and can make learning more interesting and fun for many kids. Laptops also offer teachers the ability to provide students with more individualized instruction fitted to their needs and abilities.

  • Laptops can be valuable educational tools when used properly.

    Laptops, when used properly, can be valuable educational tools. Students can use them to access data, conduct research and take notes. They are also significantly less cumbersome than stacks of textbooks. Furthermore, they provide a single resource for storing coursework and lecture notes. As long as rules are enforced regarding proper usage, they should not be banned in schools.

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