Should students be forced to learn what they feel they don't need in school?

Asked by: DonB
  • Yes. But they are teaching them the wrong things.

    All kids should learn everything so they can have open doors for the future. But the problem is that they are not teaching in a helpful way. We need to learn as much as possible. Not the same thing over and over again. Our education system is messed up. I learned more about Russia's history in the opening ceremony at the 2014 Olympic games than I did in my 10 years of school. But how many times have I learned about the civil war? I would say about 10. They teach us the same things over and over again which is basically doing to us what letting us learn what we want is doing to us.

  • A big nooo

    Friends, in my opinion, the students who don't want to study what they don't like can fail dismally in the subject.
    Because this is what the inclusive education means, they must be allowed to study their subject of choice, since they are more interested in what they want to study.

  • No! Hear me out

    Okay so I am 15, Im in 10th grade and do you know what I learn dad and day? "The Nucleus is the powerhouse of the cell, Oh and DON'T forget this will ALL be on your test. Here have loads of homework too! ". Thats just biology, I also have Algebra and Government, More useless information to the rest of my entire life. I don't know the laws, My human rights, How to do taxes, How to create a portfolio for a job, And I have no clue what my yearly income SHOULD be. I want to learn those things, But noooooo the square root of X is wayyyy more important.

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