Should students be forced to take classes that aren't needed/wanted for their future?

Asked by: XxShiro123xX
  • Yea they should

    Children are some of the worst people ever and something needs to keep them busy so they don't go around joining gangs doing drugs and crimes and stuff so i think we need to give them more classes so they're not able to go out in the street and kill people like they want to. Also i think people shouldn't have children periodt,

  • They ARE needed.

    A school whole purpose is to prepare the student for what comes after. Required classes focus on that. No matter if you plan to go onto higher education or not, Clearly we need core classes such as math, Science, Communications, And history as they will be important to your life after. They also require phy. Ed. But that's to ensure that students get at least some exercise in a world that has become so inactive. Not a fan of it but they also require foreign language classes but seeing that most if not all colleges require them, It keeps the college option open for them.
    If you ask me, I think schools could do without some elective classes like art and music as it is not likely that either will be needed in for daily life or a career after school. Getting rid of such classes would allow students to go further in an area of interest such as computer sciences or to allow more personal study time for students that have difficulty or struggle with time to do homework.

  • Personally I feel that they should be forced to study multiple courses.

    We have to understand that in this world where everyone requires their knowledge to survive, People would do just about anything from robbing to killing to get what they want. It is the same with education. If we eradicate the multiple courses system, The essential educational stress will be absent to push students to study.

    The thing about stress is that it is not always bad. Good stress stems from education. If we do not push students to achieve their goals and push past their limits, Then what will become of them and the country in the future? Without that 'drive' to motivate them to do anything, They will end up being couch potatoes which of course is not the desirable goal of a government ruling a country.

    What traits would you associate with a leader? Is it a tall young man who is successful? Millions of dollars? Etc. I personally feel that a leader is someone who has various skills. When we neglect certain subjects when we are at school, We miss the opportunity to learn vital skills that may or may not help us in the future.

    For example, Living skills ( not sure if all schools advocate this subject but mine does ). It teaches students how to fix a pipe, To survive in a forest, As well as navigate in the sea. So when it comes to real life problems, We will be in trouble if we do not have the crucial skills to help us.

  • You said it yourself

    Why waste valuable time on taking classes that are obviously not needed for your future when you can use that time to further develop the skills you do need?

    A lot of the supporting views for taking classes that aren't needed/wanted for their future boil down to "they'll end up being useful someday". However, Many of the scenarios where these skills would be useful are not part of required events in life or particularly unusual scenarios.

    In fact, There are a lot of studies out there which state that students are lacking in crucial skills needed in the workforce. So why use valuable time for unneeded courses that only prove useful in unusual scenarios rather than actual required skills?

  • Theres really no reason for this

    I believe that children should not be FORCED to complete classes they don't want to do. I understand it could really spread their range of things they've tried before but at the same time it has way more bad qualities than good. It can also be stressful to be forced to complete work for a class you aren't even interested in, Which is a waste of time for everyone involved. Theres better ways to expose children to new things.

  • Why should they be forced?

    Personally, I'm wanting to be a graphic designer, But in my years at my school, I have only taken two art classes (I want art classes)
    We don't even get to choose what classes we really want, I've only had 3 classes in total I've wanted (Art, Business, And ROTC).

  • Students should love studying, Not hate it

    The biggest problem is if kids are forced to take classes of no use to them and that they aren't interested in, It will kill their passion for learning at an early age.
    So they cynically view school as a means to an end.
    These days kids see school as a means to an end to make a profit, Which could explain how much of our modern day products and entertainment follow formulaic marketing and play it "safe" for a guaranteed margin of profit. This is literally what they are taught in school, How to place advertising & profits over substance & content.

  • Waste of time

    As others have said it is a total waste of time. If it something that is not what they want to do or doesn't really have any value (ie is specialised) then its a waste of time. . . . For the child, The teacher and everyone else as well as for the public (funding is tight). They could use this time to teach students what they actually want to learn about! Otherwise it breads nothing but boredom, Resentment and of course the child will just keep messing around and ruining it for everyone else as well as waste the teacher's time which will divert them from teaching.

  • No reason to shove calculus into low IQ school districts.

    Yes allow all walks of life to shoot for the stars and give them the resources they need to pursue their ambition. But realistically there are only a few exceptions. Talented people earn the privilege to have the wherewithal to meet their requirements and elite university of their choice. Above average performing students tend to correlate with East Asian and White groups. By sponsoring groups most likely to succeed in advanced mathematics and hard sciences the resources and money are not wasted. By extension time is not wasted. Teachers will not have to stress about the pressure of educating low performing students and graduation quotas that come with it. If you treat everything as a nail you just may hammer away the futures of many children whose delicate lives need proper guidance and not a series of homework suited only for their betters. Affirmative action is a great example of this very offense. By lifting people out of their educational comfort zone and into an environment of high pressure moments and calculated decisions they just might breakdown and suffer the severe consequences in the work life. It also hurts our economy and bureaucracy as a whole where people must deal with slow employees at the expense of meritocratic principles. In the end students must not have go above the level with which they're most familiar.

  • It's absolutely useless.

    Not every human being needs trigonometry or the history of rome in everyday life, so why is it necessary that we must learn these things even if they do not apply to our aspirations whatsoever, it is similar to learning Spanish when your dream is to live in Sweden. I don't get the point.

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